AMN Reviews: Falsetto Teeth – Boiling High Idol (2014; Orenda Records)

Falsetto Teeth - Boiling High Idol - Cover ArtFalsetto Teeth puts the rock power trio format through the grinder on this, their first release.  Out on L.A.’s Orenda Records, Boiling High Idol exhibits the imprint’s attempt to cover the experimental scene beyond jazz. Consisting of Alexander Noice on guitar, James Barry on bass, and Cory Beers on drums, with all sharing vocal duties, the group diffuses punk rock with a touch of Zappa, classical, jazz, noise and other experimentation.

The songs follow a distinct pattern: heavy riffing with melodic vocals, interrupted periodically by something less conventional. Sure, 40 minutes of this across 10 tracks and you have a formula. But it is not a bad formula at all. The genre jump-cuts are fluid and precise, not unpredictable, but never dull. This is too weird to be pop, too proficient for punk, and too catchy to be outside music.

Comparisons? Perhaps a vague resemblance to other avant-pop groups such as Deerhoof or Battles. Throw in some early Ramones or Buzzcocks, and blend with a clever dash of creativity. A rather unconventional and refreshing effort.

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