2014 Angel City Jazz Festival Schedule

Wadada Leo Smith
Cover of Wadada Leo Smith

From LA’s Angel City Jazz Festival:

2014 Angel City Jazz Festival Schedule

Sept. 21
Satoko Fujii & Kappa Maki
Allison Miller Boom Tic Boom

Sept. 22
Steve Adams Duo
Bobby Bradford Quartet
Vinny Golia Ensemble

Sept. 25
Matana Roberts‘ ANTHEM

Sept. 26
Cathlene Pineda Quintet
Toshiko Akiyoshi Trio

Sept. 27
Wadada Leo Smith‘s Silver Orchestra
Anthony Braxton Trio

Sept. 28
Brad Dutz Quartet
Gavin Templeton Trio
Michael White Trio
Daniel Rosenboom Quintet
Azar Lawrence Trio
Josh Nelson’s Discoveries
Aruán Ortiz Trio
Craig Taborn
Taylor Ho Bynum’s West Coast Ensemble
Arthur Blythe Tribute & Benefit Concert

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble Concert 2: The Cage Variations

Charles Ives
Cover of Charles Ives

From Pittsburgh New Music Net:

July 18, 2014 8:00 pm
July 19, 2014 8:00 pm
City Theatre

The Cage Variations is a newly commissioned work from Ted Hearne constructed entirely from shards of music from contemporary American composers. Hearne melds, morphs and steals music from pre-existing works to create twelve variations on Charles Ives’ philosophical and hypnotic song “The Cage.” This colorful and prismatic program also includes each of the sampled works, in whole or in part, in its original form.

Works include:
Ted Hearne: The Cage Variations
Anna Clyne: Rapture
Morton Feldman: Patterns in a Chromatic Field
Ted Hearne: Furtive Movements
Robert Honstein: Burst (from An Index of Possibility)
Molly Joyce: Blue Swell
Amy Beth Kirsten: Pirouette on a Moon Sliver
Alex Mincek: For Petr Kotik
Philip White: Interlude
Daniel Wohl: Fluctuations (from Corps Exquis)
Scott Wollschleger: Secret Machines No. 2 and 3
Scott Wollschleger: I Is Not Me

Newsbits: Avant Improv in NY / Edwards, Sanders, Tilbury Reviewed / Terence Hannum Release / Anne-F Jacques & Tim Olive Release / Dmitri Kourliandski Release

On Monday, August 4th at Trans Pecos, 915 Wycoff Ave., Queens, NY, Hans Tammen & The Dead Sea Horns, Tanks (Ches Smith – drums, Brandon Seabrook – guitar, Toby Driver – bass), and Red Triangle (Nonoko Yoshida – sax, Chuck Bettis – electronics, James Ilgenfritz – double bass) will appear.

Burning Ambulance reviews the latest release from Edwards, Sanders, and Tilbury.

Utech Records will release Terence Hannum’s Via Negativa LP on August 16. Via Negativa is the first solo album for Utech Records by visual artist and Locrian member, Terence Hannum. Incorporating voice and synth, Hannum creates a world where time slows and sound is reduced to the steady pulse of the universe.

845 Audio has a new release from Anne-F Jacques & Tim Olive, entitled Dominion Mills.

Col Legno is putting out a new release from Dmitri Kourliandski.

AMN Reviews: Falsetto Teeth – Boiling High Idol (2014; Orenda Records)

Falsetto Teeth - Boiling High Idol - Cover ArtFalsetto Teeth puts the rock power trio format through the grinder on this, their first release.  Out on L.A.’s Orenda Records, Boiling High Idol exhibits the imprint’s attempt to cover the experimental scene beyond jazz. Consisting of Alexander Noice on guitar, James Barry on bass, and Cory Beers on drums, with all sharing vocal duties, the group diffuses punk rock with a touch of Zappa, classical, jazz, noise and other experimentation.

The songs follow a distinct pattern: heavy riffing with melodic vocals, interrupted periodically by something less conventional. Sure, 40 minutes of this across 10 tracks and you have a formula. But it is not a bad formula at all. The genre jump-cuts are fluid and precise, not unpredictable, but never dull. This is too weird to be pop, too proficient for punk, and too catchy to be outside music.

Comparisons? Perhaps a vague resemblance to other avant-pop groups such as Deerhoof or Battles. Throw in some early Ramones or Buzzcocks, and blend with a clever dash of creativity. A rather unconventional and refreshing effort.

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Ifing – Against This Weald
Various Artists – One and All, Together, for Home
Cory Strand – Poltergeist-A Reinterpretation
Blut Aus Nord/P.H.O.B.O.S – Triunity
Robert Rich – Trances & Drones
Deadwood – Sheolic
Chris Watson – In St Cuthbert’s Time
Family Fodder – Monkey Banana Kitchen
Gravecode Nebula – Sempiternal Void
Dead Body Collection – Zvala Si Se Svetlost