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Wayne Horvitz
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From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

Bad Luck + Sequoia Ensemble
Thu., July 10, 8:00 PM; $5 – $15 at the door

In Earshot Jazz’s annual Jazz: The Second Century series, six Seattle-area artists selected by a “blind jury” present original work that questions and expands the jazz form. Bad Luck (Chris Icasiano, drums + Neil Welch, sax) perform compositions using live loops and effects. Sequoia Ensemble is a septet led by Levi Gillis, draws inspiration from natural landscapes to produce earthy, lush, and colorful sounds.

Sumi Tonooka Trio
Sat., July 12, 8:00 PM; $5 – $15 at the door

Debut performance of Sumi Tonooka’s West Coast trio (Max Wood, drums + Michael Glynn, bass), featuring a historical perspective of Sumi’s original music from her earliest trio recordings through the present. The group has been meeting for the past few months, developing a cohesive sound and identity, and exploring and experimenting with freer forms and non traditional approaches within various musical settings.

Vanessa Skantze & Friends
Fri., July 11, 8:00 PM; $5 – $15 at the door

verde, que te quiero verde! a butoh/sound improvisation — Celebration and requiem in every breath, in every flower. Vanessa Skantze (butoh), Tom Swafford (violin), and noisepoet-nobody (analog synthesis) collaborate frequently and are pleased to welcome Eveline Muller (percussion) into this evening’s creation. Special guest Stephen Fandrich opening the gate with solo piano.

Substrata 1.4
July 17, 18, 19, 8:00 PM; $40/day, $100/pass

Substrata explores varying perspectives of scale though the use of sound, composition and visuals. Three nights of performances featuring internationally renowned artists working within the cutting edge where structural abstraction meets physical dynamics – live electronic music incorporating traditional and non-traditional instruments. Advance ticket sales only, and it is almost sold out, so buy tickets now!
Upcoming Events (always subject to change)

THU. 7/24 – Earshot’s Jazz: the 2nd Century series: netcat + Volpicella – Marcus Quartet

FRI. 7/25 – Briggan Krauss & Wayne Horvitz

SAT. 7/26 – The Noisemakers

THU. 7/31 – Earshot’s Jazz: the 2nd Century series: Greg Belisle-Chi + Trimtab

FRI. 8/1 – Brad Linde (sax) & Erika Dohi (piano) + Syrinx Effect

WED. 8/6 – Lawson + Park Details + Kolovos + $75 Bill

THU. 8/7 – Jesse Olsen Bay + Megan O’Donoghue-Williams