Mary Halvorson / King Buzzo Tour Dates


English: Mary Halvorson, Jazz guitarist; Pictu...
Mary Halvorson

Mary Halvorson will be opening 7 of Buzz’s shows from Boston to Baltimore:

Thursday, July 10th @ Brighton Music Hall (Allston, MA)
Friday, July 11th @ The Met (Pawtucket, RI)
Saturday, July 12th @ The Ballroom at the Outer Space (Hamden, CT)
Sunday, July 13th @ Santos Party House (New York, NY)
Monday, July 14th @ The Wick (Brooklyn, NY)
Tuesday, July 15th @ Underground Arts (Philadelphia, PA)
Thursday, July 17th @ Ottobar (Baltimore, MD)

Pittsburgh New Music Ensemble Concert 1: The Lost Traveler on July 11 and 12

Iannis Xenakis
Cover of Iannis Xenakis

From Pittsburgh New Music Net:

July 11, 2014
8:00 pm
July 12, 2014
8:00 pm
City Theatre

The first breath of life and sense of “self” is an awe inspiring moment. It may be our most intimate, pure memory – one perhaps impossible to access consciously. The journey that follows through adulthood and eventually to an inevitable return to a childlike state is a loop that has been repeating longer than any of us can comprehend. The voyage is filled with both wonder… and distraction. Whether by choice or through forced re-birth, The Lost Traveler is, in part, about wresting oneself from all delusion in search of the true self once again.

Works include:
Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds (A)
Kevin Puts: Living Frescoes
Iannis Xenakis: Rebonds (B)
Martin Bresnick: The Lost Traveler
Vinko Globokar: ?Corporel

Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Joëlle Léandre
Cover of Joëlle Léandre

From Free Jazz:

Brian Groder Trio – Reflexology (Latham Records, 2014) ****
Babs Robert & The LovePlanet: Self-Titled (Alpha, 1970/2014) ****
Joëlle Léandre & Pascal Contet – 3 (Ayler, 2014) ****½
Fred Van Hove, Damon Smith & Peter Jacquemyn – Burns Longer (Balance Point Acoustics, 2013) ***½
Bart Maris & Lode Vercampt – Krommekeer (El Negocito, 2013) ****
Flat Earth Society – 13 (Igloo, 2013) ***
MannGold De Cobre (El Negocito, 2014) ***
Throw Down Your Hammer And Sing – Sheldon Siegel (Smeraldina-Rima, 2013) ***½
Jozef Dumoulin – A Fender Rhodes Solo (Bee Jazz, 2014) ****
The Bureau Of Atomic Tourism – Spinning Jenny (Rat, 2014) ****
Joachim Badenhorst – Forest Mori (Klein, 2014) ****½
Intuition Orchestra – To the Inside (ForTune, 2014) ****
Marty Ehrlich Large Ensemble – A Trumpet in the Morning (New World, 2014) ****½

Interview with Nate Wooley, Part III: The Making of the Quintet

130415 Bureau of Atomic Tourism, Nate Wooley
130415 Bureau of Atomic Tourism, Nate Wooley (Photo credit: axesjazzpower)

From Jazz Right Now:

CB: How did you first go about forming the Nate Wooley Quartet. Were Matt Moran, Reuben Radding, and Take Toriyama the original members? I found concert listings as early as June 2004. Did the band form shortly before that or earlier? Did the group ever record?

NW: I’m not precisely sure where it came from initially. I remember doing sessions with Matt and Reuben. I met Matt when I was suggested to him by Andrew D’Angelo to play in an early version of Slavic Soul Party. Reuben and I met at the Right Bank, which was a short-lived club in Williamsburg. Initially we played with Randy Peterson and were just trying free ideas out and a couple of my tunes, but that didn’t work out for whatever reason. I had played with Take once or twice and knew him through Tony Malaby who was (and still is) my neighbor. Somehow he came into the conversation and it seemed to work as a group, so we worked for about a year like that. It developed a sound and had a certain feeling that I liked. I then took a break because I was working on some other stuff and during that time Take passed away. We did do one show after that with Jeff Davis but, great as Jeff is, it just wasn’t right, so we sort of stopped. The quintet didn’t come about until well after that.