Arts for Art Evolving Series in NY (Tonight)

From Arts for Art, Inc.:

Monday Evolving Ras Moshe resides
WHEN: Monday, 3 sets beginning at 7:30
WHERE: Clemente Soto Velez Cultural & Educational Center
107 Suffolk St – between Delancey & Rivington NYC
TICKETS: $11 per set / $16 for two sets / $22 for three sets
students & seniors : $8 per set / $12 for two sets / $16 for three sets
Monday, July 7

7:30 Bill Cole’s Untempered Ensemble
Bill Cole – sona piri, hojok, didgeridoo, flutes
Warren Smith – percussion
Joseph Daley – tuba, euphonium
Ras Moshe – tenor & soprano sax
Gerald Veasley – bass
Lisette Sanitago – bata, drums

8:45 Joe Rigby / Andrew Bemkey
Joe Rigby – sax
Andrew Bemkey – piano

10:00 Ascension for Roy
Will Connell – alto sax, flute, bass clarinet
Andrew Lamb – tenor
Daniel Carter – reeds
Ras Moshe – reeds
Charles Downs – drums

This week at the Stone: honors Roy Cambell
Monday, July 14 – Ras continues

7:30 Music Now: Spring Changes
Ras Moshe – reeds
Tim Stocker – baritone sax
Kyoko Kitamurra – voice
Anders Nilsson – guitar
John Pietaro – vibes

8:45 Katie Bull Ensemble
Katie Bull – voice/composition
Landon Knoblock – fnder, electronics
Jeff Lederer – tenor, soprano
Ratzo Harris – bass
George Schuller – drums

10:00 Matt Lavelle‘s 12 Houses
Ras Moshe – tenor sax, flute
Charles Waters – alto sax
Claire DeBrunner – bassoon
Lee Odom – clarinet
Mary Cherney – flute
John Pietaro – vibes
Francois Grillot – bass
Laura Ortman – violin
Anders Nilsson
Anais Maviel – voice
Ryan Sawyer – drums
Chris Forbes – piano

AMN Reviews: Anla Courtis & Tetuzi Akiyama – Naranja Songs [Public Eyesore pe127]

This set of four improvised acoustic guitar duets, recorded in 2008 in Buenos Aires, brings together Argentina’s Anla (Alan) Courtis and Japan’s Tetuzi Akiyama. Known for their versatility and diversity of approaches to improvisation—Akiyama is often associated with the constrained gesturalism of onkyo, although he also works in the noisier fields of blues-based rock and industrial sound, while Courtis has among many other things played heavy psychedelia with the band Reynols—both guitarists here work with the more-or-less conventional sounds available to the unadorned acoustic steel-string guitar.

Even given the relatively Spartan instrumentation, Courtis and Akiyama manage to explore a rich variety of sonic and harmonic material. The recording opens introspectively, its initial dissonances played out along well-spaced, lingering tones and chords slowly unraveling in a wash of minor seconds. As the set progresses the music shifts in tone and texture, with pulsing drones and scraped strings giving way to a kind of industrial pastorale embodied in arpeggios implying an alternation of minor and major thirds. Courtis and Akiyama bring things to an end with tentatively plucked chromatic patterns in broken phrases, and a tamboura-like buzz.

All About Jazz Reviews

English: Marshall Allen
English: Marshall Allen (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From All About Jazz:

Jeff Cosgrove extended analysis
Jeff Cosgrove/Matthew Shipp/William Parker: Alternating Current (Self Produced)

The Latest Adventures of Dutch Sound Poet Jaap Blonk

François Tusques / Alexandra Grimal / Sylvain Guérineau
La Jungle du Douanier Rousseau (Improvised Beings)

Steve Lehman
Mise en Abîme (Pi Recordings)

Chris Speed
Really OK (Skirl Records)

Read “Two Sunrise” reviewed by John Eyles Jason Kahn & Tim Olive
Two Sunrise (845 Audio)

KonstruKt with Marshall Allen
Live At Sant’anna Aressi Jazz Festival (8mm Records)

New Die Schachtel Releases

From Die Schachtel:

con brio – musica acusmatica

Francesco Giomi is one of the most active Italian composers in the field of acousmatic music. Over the years he also collaborated as sound director and live performer with Luciano Berio and other important composers and directors. as well as Italian and International orchestras and ensembles. He conducted the live electronics group of Tempo Reale (the musical reserach centre established by Berio) in theatres and festivals all over the world. He teaches Electronic Music at the Music Conservatory of Bologna and he currently is the director of Tempo Reale. This CD is the premiere publication of his acousmatc works, spanning from 1994 to 2011.

spam – musical sculpteres and other devices

A sonic journey into Cage and surroundings by renown composer Agostino di Scipio and his talented students. On the 9th of December 2012, upon inviation of the Associazione Scarlatti, Agostino di Scipio and his students at the San Pietro A Majella Conservatory (hence the name SPAM) gave a performance of a very rare piece, John Cage’s Sculptures Musicales. The performance was planned out by Dario Sanfilippo, based on the few annotations left by Cage (which in turn followed an idea Cage took from Marcel Duchamp): the “musical sculptures” are sound blocks shaped up by either electronic or acoustical instruments