New Releases from Edgetone Records

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Rent Romus

From Edgetone Records:

Drew Ceccato, Adam Tinkle – Eidolon

A numberless array of nameless, chordal sounds and spectral potentialities reside in the misuse of the saxophone’s well-oiled mechanics. Adam Tinkle and Drew Ceccato have gradually built their duo music out of a shared interest in these multiphonic capabilities of the instrument hanging on to their own internal chords, exploring the emergent harmonies between two misbehaving air columns in turbulent flow.
Drew Ceccato – tenor and baritone saxophones Adam Tinkle – alto saxophone

Rent Romus‘ Life’s Blood Ensemble – Cimmerian Crossroads

The third album from Rent Romus and the Life’s Blood Ensemble features original music by saxophonist Rent Romus as well as compositions from Arthur Blythe, Ornette Coleman, bassist Bill Noertker, and pianist Brett Carson. Cimmerian Crossroads explore the subtle boarders of style and element within jazz and improvisation as well as a dedication and tribute to those who have dedicated their lives to the music.
Kim Cass – double bass Markus Hunt – double bass Timothy Orr – drums Rent Romus – alto, soprano saxophones

TheeAnnoying – The Empty Set

Recorded over 2011 & 2012 at Mills College, our practice spot & bathroom. Each song’s first track is live and attempts to capitalize on the ambiance of different rooms. From that point on, we overdubbed using sounds recorded in a room that had the opposite size and shape.
Ten Ticklish Ants – noisy guitar walls and vocals M. Mersereau – bass, vocals and samples D.A. Leech – electric & analog percussion, piano