ON/OFF Featuring Christine Sun Kim, Transmissions and Peals in Arlington, June 26

From Artisphere:

THU JUN 26 / 7PM
Black Box Theatre

Artisphere, along with Sasha Lord, presents a special one-night experiential sensory event featuring three connected performances based on sound, each showcasing a unique approach.

Born deaf, sound artist Christine Sun Kim explores and questions sound ownership through her work, which takes the form of performance and visual works. This performance, which she will conduct with help from Transformer’s E11 participating artists, will mark the end of her residency Upside Down Noon in Artisphere’s Works In Progress Gallery.

Transmissions invites attendees to move throughout the space as an ensemble of eight musicians situated at stations throughout the room collectively sustain one note of transition to another, each for 20 minutes. The immersive sonic meditation is the brainchild of Pat Noecker (aka RAFT and formerly of Liars and These Are Powers) and will feature Alex Braden, Amanda Huron, Margot MacDonald, Ted Zook, Norm Veenstra (Tone) and Peals.

Ted Zook, guitarist, playing processed bass cello; Norm Veenstra of Tone playing monotone + duotone guitars; Alex Braden of Bella Russia performing microKorg, guitar loops + effect; Margot Macdonald, vocalist, performing in voice and live looping; Jerry Busher, appears on albums by Fidelity Jones, The Spinanes, French Toast, Allscars, Alfonso Velez and John Frusciante, playing Casio keyboard samples, hybrid acoustic/electronic drums and Milena Aradski classically trained violinist, playing the violin.

Peals is the Baltimore duo of William Cashion (Future Islands) and Bruce Willian (Double Dagger). As exhibiting artists in Fermata, the two have crafted a sound that is markedly different from their primary bands’ more aggressive tone to create a work with an ethereal emphasis on texture. For On/Off, Peals will perform a live set that transitions seamlessly from the preceding Transmissions set.