Steve Roach Releases

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Steve Roach 

Some new releases from ambient pioneer Steve Roach:

The Desert Collection Volume 1
This set is a collection of desert-themed tracks that Steve sequenced for his summer road trips. Drawing from over three decades of his desert music, this is a magical blend perfect for the summer atmospheres wherever you are.

Structures From Silence
30th Anniversary Remastered Edition (3-CD)
Structures from Silence’s breathing, suspended embrace of atmospheres and serene melodies instantly struck a chord with listeners in 1984; the album continues to reiterate its timeless resonations with new listeners today.

The Long Night
With Kelly David
the Long Night is a deep-breathing sigh of the eternal nocturnal: gossamer atmospheres for the still hours of the night. Focusing on non-rhythmic, textural-harmonic electronic soundscapes, this collaboration unfurls like slow-moving, moonlit clouds. Although THE LONG NIGHT leaves the lighted world behind, its midnight path leads to a state of gleaming serenity and calmness. This music is contemplative, though not brooding: a meditative environment filled with open spaces and tendrils of sound composed of shifting subtle moods and gleaming electronic passages.

Anthony Cheung Performs in Talea Ensemble’s Residency


Pressing beyond the standard tuning of the piano, Mr. Cheung made another investigation of sound at the Stone on Tuesday, when he appeared not as a composer but also as an instrumentalist and impresario. (It was the opening evening of a short residency in that space by the Talea Ensemble, of which Mr. Cheung is artistic director.) He is an alert, cool pianist, and played with focus and clarity in four works that were separated by the five movements of Ben Johnston’s Suite for Microtonal Piano (1978), written for an instrument in which each note is precisely tuned to match the overtones of C. Envisioned for a retuned acoustic piano, the piece was played by Mr. Cheung, for logistics’ sake, on an electronic keyboard.