5049 Records Podcast: Nels Cline

Nels Cline
Cover of Nels Cline

From 5049 Records:

Nels Cline is a guitar great in the truest sense of the word. A Los Angeles native, Nels has played with everyone from Julius Hemphill to Time Berne, Mike Watt to Vinny Golia. For the past ten years Nels has been playing guitar in Wilco and has recently relocated to New York. Today’s talk is a good one and Nels tells a lot of great stories, from organizing concerts of improvised music in LA in the 80s to jamming with the Dead.



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Musique Machine Reviews

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N.Y. Composer, Pianist Anthony Coleman Brings Radical Jewish Culture to Israel

Anthony Coleman
Cover of Anthony Coleman

From Haaretz:

While the rest of the musicians were awake, Coleman took a power nap on the floor, near one of the auditorium’s walls. His snores – which ranged in volume from piano to forte – were typified by an impressive dynamic of rhythm and tone, and at times made the other four musicians erupt in laughter. After they completed a run-through of Shatil’s piece, Coleman suddenly awoke, murmured “That was great,” and went back to sleep. Oddly enough, this situation did not seem all that strange. And that is not just because, in Coleman’s creative universe – which ranges between the avant-garde works of John Cage and the downtown scene identified with John Zorn – it is not hard to imagine a work for four musicians who are awake and one who’s asleep. One of the most important fundamentals in Coleman’s music is humor, and the image of him stretched out on the floor, despite his relatively advanced age (59) and his respected status as a composer and improviser, was, above all, funny and human.