AMN Reviews: Eduardo Raon – On the Drive for Impulsive Actions [shhpuma 007]

With its timbral versatility and expansive range of tones, the harp is an instrument well-suited to avant-garde and experimental music. Like any other string instrument—but perhaps even more so—it can be prepared, struck, plucked, bowed and otherwise played in any number of conventional and unconventional ways. On this new release from Shhpuma harpist Eduardo Raon covers a gamut of approaches to the instrument, retaining its natural voice at times and at other times modifying its sound not only with a repertoire of extended techniques but with extensive electronic manipulation as well. Raon, a native of Portugal now residing in Ljubljana, creates an eclectic if sometimes fragmentary sound world with the twelve tracks presented here. But no matter what kind of sound modification is used, the focus stays on the acoustic properties of the harp in all of their dimensions. Field recordings of cicadas and laughter round out the imaginative set of sounds Raon assembles.

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