Celebrating Charles Gayle at the Vision Festival

Charles Gayle
Cover of Charles Gayle

From NYTimes.com:

In a musician’s work, you often hear a position or an effect or a big idea: humor, revision, argument, discipline, cynicism, romance. It’s just something extra to engage, a filter or transformer between the creative force inside him and the expectations of his listeners. Not so much, though, in the work of Charles Gayle, who played through opening night of this year’s Vision Festival on Wednesday night at Roulette, as bandleader and duet partner and conductor; playing saxophone, piano and bass; and in and out of clown clothes. He seems almost transparent: Your hearing cuts right through to what animates him.

Two New Albums To Be Released By AUM Fidelity On August 12

English: Photography of William Parker at Jazz...
William Parker

From Aum Fidelity:

On August 12th, AUM Fidelity will release both The Darkseid Recital — a new album of cosmic lieder by the duo of Darius Jones & Matthew Shipp, and Love and Ghosts — a double-album creation from : the trio collective of Gerald Cleaver, William Parker, and Craig Taborn.

The Darkseid Recital is triple-distilled from recordings of astonishing NYC engagements at Jazz Standard and The Stone. The songs’ approaches here range from lyrical & gentle ear blessings to liquid flows of notes designed for caress to a full-frequency of human hearing range intensity that can potentially be quite frightening. All of them are rendered with exquisite control of touch & breath on their respective instruments and a laser-sharp focused intent toward communication, resulting in an album that is suffused with the sounds of both warm embrace and a mutual cognizance of the dark energy that humanity is fraught with.

Love and Ghosts is the long-awaited third release from Farmers By Nature, and features two complete concert meetings recorded in France during their inaugural tour of Europe. The varying landscapes & cityscapes they traveled through, and as importantly, the sheer ability to travel & freely cross borders unlike the majority of the world’s population, inform the two extraordinarily fertile nights of sound fluency and invention captured in highest fidelity and presented here. Luminescent melodies refracting through gently rippling rhythms, kaleidoscopic fractals, roadhouse abstractions, and what sounds like a train rapidly laying its own track while nimbly scaling mountains are but some of the sonic treasures to be experienced on Love and Ghosts.

Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

Marc Ribot
Cover of Marc Ribot

From the ISSUE Project Room:

SAT, JUNE 14 – 8:00PM
Circuit des Yeux
A combination of folk chanteuse and noise maven, Chicago-based Circuit des Yeux’s sound vacillates seamlessly between lo-fi and effortless-sounding songwriting sophistication. She appears tonight alongside sets by Tsembla and Kuupuu, two experimental artists at the center of Finland’s psych-folk scene. Tsembla crosses electronics, objects and samples in a warped wave of abstracted textures. Kuupuu blends low-tech electroacoustics and high-north songcraft into charming, surprising and unique forms.

MON, JUNE 16 – 7:00PM
Benefit for the Frantz Casséus Young Guitarists Program
$50 VIP / $25 GENERAL
This special evening hosted by Marc Ribot and Howard Wolfson benefits the Frantz Casséus Young Guitarists Program in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti with a program of works by and in tribute to the great composer and teacher. Marc Ribot, along with two other disciples of Casséus: Alberto Mesirca and Marc Mathelier, pay tribute in separate sets. The evening also features Trio Blastphemy, vocalists Melanie Charles and Barbara (Perlow) Simon and DJ Greg Caz. Read an interview with Ribot on this school he helped found in The Brooklyn Paper.

FRI, JUNE 27 – 8:00PM
The Ashcan Orchestra: Apollo’s Accidental Answer

SUN, JUNE 29 – 3:00PM
Either/Or: Morton Feldman‘s “For Philip Guston”

Dots+Loops: Drones in Brisbane, Australia

From Dots+Loops

Neither a classical concert nor a club gig, Dots+Loops hovers somewhere in between. Headlining the concert is Drones, written by the young New York based composer Nico Muhly. Although only a few years into his career, Muhly has already had an acclaimed opera debut at the Metropolitan in New York; worked as an editor, conductor and keyboardist for Philip Glass; collaborated with and composed for Björk, Grizzly Bear, The National and Ólafur Arnalds; and even penned the string parts that helped make Usher’s Climax a commercially and critically acclaimed hit. Drones will be performed at Dots+Loops by some of Australia’s leading young musicians: pianist Sam Mitchell, nationally recognised violinist Courtenay Cleary, violist Kieran Welch, and composer/producer Ben Heim on live electronics. The concert also features young Sydney-based violist Julia Doukakis, performing the lead role in Judd Greenstein’s In Teaching Others We Teach Ourselves, along with a new piece from Brisbane’s Chris Perren, performed by members of his group Nonsemble. The night will be concluded by DJ Airport, providing a set of electronica, IDM and techno that conceptually flows on from the rest of the concert.

July 3, SYC Studios, 37 Manila St, East Brisbane
Entry $15, Doors 7pm