Made in Chicago Jazz 2014 Series Lineup Announced

Hal Russell
Cover of Hal Russell

From The Sun Times:

July 31: The Hal Russell Story
“A drummer, saxophonist, trumpeter and bandleader, Russell was one of the most colorful, flexible and fiery jazz musicians to ever work in Chicago. His long-running NRG Ensemble was formed in 1980 and became a major influence on the free jazz and improvised music scene of the 90s. The original lineup — reedist Mars Williams; bassist, guitarist, and trumpeter Brian Sandstrom; bassist Kent Kessler; and drummer Steve Hunt, along with reedist Ken Vandermark (who often subbed in the band) and cellist/trumpeter Fred Lonberg-Holm — reunites to play the last album they made with Russell: “The Hal Russell Story.” Academy Award-Nominated actor Michael Shannon will perform the original texts delivered by Russell on the album.”

Aug. 14: Matana Roberts: Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile
“Chicago composer, alto saxophonist and sound artist Roberts plays in her hometown for the first time in years, performing the second chapter of her ambitious American-history-focused epic, “Coin Coin.” The 18-section “Mississippi Moonchile” suite draws explicitly from the composer’s deep roots in jazz.”

Aug. 28″ Homage to Nelson Mandela: Ernest Dawkins’ Memory in the Center, an Afro Jazz Opera
“The sounds and images of American jazz musicians from the U.S. were an important influence on the development of political discourse of resistance in apartheid South Africa. This project reflects the determination and spirit that energized the South African freedom movement led by Nelson Mandela by foregrounding the influential women in Mandela’s life — Winnie Mandela and Graça Machel — through the powerful voice of Dee Alexander. Bringing together musicians from Chicago, South Africa and London, the ensemble will represent their interconnected histories and mutual influences.”

5049 Records Podcast: Shayna Dunkelman

Shayna Dunkelman 1
Shayna Dunkelman 1 (Photo credit: michaelz1)

From 5049 Records:

Shayna Dunkelman is a delightful and charming young percussionist who is as at home playing modern versions of exotica as she is tackling the very best of 20th and 21st century new music. She is a native of Tokyo, Japan and came to NYC by way of the Bay Area. She’s played with Zeena Parkins, John Zorn, Fred Frith and Willie Winant and is about to release the first record by her band Peptalk.



June 6, 2014
Mette Rasmussen, Han-earl Park, Michael Foster, Pascal Niggenkemper, Downtown Music Gallery
Michael Foster Pascal Niggenkemper Han-earl Park Mette Rasmussen

June 4, 2014
Yasmine Azaiez, Joe Morris, Daniel Pencer, Pat Kuehn, The Stone
Yasmine Azaiez Pat Kuehn Joe Morris Daniel Pencer

June 5, 2014
Joe Morris, Míriam Fèlix, Dan Blacksberg, Ben Hall, The Stone
Dan Blacksberg Míriam Fèlix Ben Hall Joe Morris

June 6, 2014
Gianni Mimmo & Alison Blunt, Downtown Music Gallery
Alison Blunt Gianni Mimmo

June 5, 2014
Nate Wooley, Joe Morris, Agustí Fernández, Ben Hall, The Stone
Agustí Fernández Ben Hall Joe Morris Nate Wooley

June 4, 2014
Joe Morris, Agustí Fernández, Míriam Fèlix, The Stone
Míriam Fèlix Agustí Fernández Joe Morris

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

Vangelis – Beaubong
Acerbitas/Chantal – Pear of Anguish/Knee Splitter
Tetras – Pareidolia
Ritual Stance/Crown Of Bone/Earthenwomb – Split
Vomir – Quest, No Conquest
Chasma – Omega Theorian
Nebelung – Palingenesis
Invertia – Another Scheme of the Wicked
Flesh Clocks – Columns Of Blood (For Adriana Varejão)
Nicolas Bernier – Frequencies (a / fragments)
Nibiru – Netrayoni
Nar – Vlad
Abyzm – Untitled

Upcoming Keir Neuringer Tour Dates

From Keir Neuringer:

JUNE 10: I-Beam, Brooklyn
Simone Weissenfels, piano
Shayna Dulberger, bass
Julius Masri, drums
KN, saxophone


JUNE 20: Rotunda, Philadelphia
All Sound is Queer, curated by Catherine Pancake


JUNE 21: Church of the Advocate, North Philly
A fundraiser hosted by the Coalition to Reinstate Dr Anthony Monteiro at Temple University.
(For more information see here & here.)


CEREMONIES OUT OF THE AIR record release shows:
JUNE 26: Back Alley Theater, Washington DC
JUNE 27: Red Room, Baltimore
JULY 2: Spotty Dog, Hudson, NY
JULY 9: JACK, Brooklyn