In Milwaukee: Philippe Petit / Xambuca / the Three-brained Robot / Xallxforxthisx / Fake Blood Universe/ Citizen 2-13

Via FTAM a show coming Tuesday, June 10 at 7:00pm, Borg Ward, 823 W National Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53204:

PHILIPPE PETIT- There is not much that can prepare you for the extraordinary skills of Petit, this was a performance I hadn’t seen the likes of before. The first set started with Petit on his computer producing an electro grinding swell sustained by beats in the background producing a rising pulse of sound. This moves swiftly into a slither of a noise that then slipped up and down scales moving into sliding scales. All the while the background is haunted – implying a kind of buried sound giving weight to the strength of the slippery electronics. Because of this layering, notes were free to waver from their source, as if they would leap at freedom and scramble to find their place on the register again. At times the sound was underwater, as if the listener is in a submarine or a submerged experience. Sonic and potent. Music that can be felt.

XAMBUCA- As the name implies, XAMBUCA, is a non-sensical arrangement of letters spelling out what most often confuse to be the Italian liqueur made from elderberries known as sambuca. In actuality, the name lacks any direct definition whatsoever, the similar spelling only a mere coincidence. Cause it’s never what you think it will be, but it might and we’d like you to start thinking it’s whatever you want it to be…even if it’s horrible. This being indicative of the chance operational, improvisational, free-for-all element of approaching art with a naivete free from distinction, categorization, organization, limitation and imitation while also struggling with the confines of these simultaneously as we would be naive also to ignore that these phenomenon exist wherever humans are possible.

THE THREE-BRAINED ROBOT- Decidedly out there noise/performance art insanity. Couple of dudes getting REAL weird.

XALLXFORXTHISX- Striaght edge power electronics from three of Milwaukee’s most notorious harsh noise artists. This show will celebrate two new cassettes being released on FTAM.

FAKE BLOOD UNIVERSE- Heady drones and beats with a serious infatuation with black metal overlords.

CITIZEN 2-13- Harsh noise from the back of a cave as you stand in front and feel to scared to enter.