Extended Techniques June NY Calendar

Wadada Leo Smith
Cover of Wadada Leo Smith

From Extended Techniques:

10 PM Nate Wooley, Joe Morris, Agusti Fernandez, Ben Hall
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: Nate Wooley (trumpet) Joe Morris (guitar) Agusti Fernandez (piano) Ben Hall (drums)

FRIDAY, June 6
8 PM John Zorn, Joe Morris, Nate Wooley, Ikue Mori – A Stone Benefit
VENUE: The Stone
John Zorn (alto sax) Joe Morris (guitar) Nate (trumpet) Ikue Mori (electronics)

FRIDAY, June 6
9 PM Brad Linde & BANFF Alumni with special guest Wadada Leo Smith
VENUE: Seeds
Brad Linde – tenor saxophone
Patrick Booth – tenor saxophone
Erika Dohi – Rhodes
Jonathan Taylor – drums and cymbals
*special guest Wadada Leo Smith – Trumpet
ADMISSION: check with the venue

SUNDAY, June 8
7:30 PM Birthday Concert of Two Raga Legends
DETAILS: Pt. Krishna Bhatt – Sitar, Pt. Anindo Chatterjee – Tabla
Brooklyn Raga Massive, Gurukul and ACST
ADMISSION: $20-$30

7:00 PM Vision Festival 19, Charles Gayle – A Lifetime of Achievement
VENUE: Roulette
DETAILS: Charles Gayle Trio + Dance, Charles Gayle Quartet, & The Vision Orchestra

9:15 PM Ned Rothenberg’s Cardinal Points
VENUE: Roulette
Ned Rothenberg – alto saxophone, clarinet, bass clarinet, shakuhachi
Gamin – piri, taepyeongso (Korean double reed instruments), saengwhang (Korean mouth organ)
Samita Sinha – vocals, performance

10:15 PM Brotzmann/Drake/Parker Trio
VENUE: Roulette
Peter Brötzmann – reeds
Hamid Drake – drums, percussion
William Parker – bass

FRIDAY, June 13
10 PM Onset
VENUE: The Stone
Briggan Krauss (alto sax) Mary Halvorson (guitar) Wayne Horvitz (keyboards) Ches Smith (drums)

SATUDAY, June 14
10 PM 300 and Elliot Sharp
VENUE: The Stone
Briggan Krauss (alto and baritone saxes) Wayne Horvitz (keyboards) Elliot Sharp (guitar) Kenny Wollesen (drums)

Saturday June 14
8:15 PM Matthew Shipp Trio
VENUE: Roulette
Matthew Shipp – piano
Michael Bisio – bass
Whit Dickey – drums

MONDAY, June 16
9:00 PM Frauke Aulbert voice + Shanna Gutierrez flute
VENUE: Spectrum
Preliminary program: Beat Furrer (*1954): Auf tönernen Füssen (1998) for amplified voice and contraalto flute Francisco Castillo Trigueros (*1983): Sûr les debris (2013) for bassflute and 4-channel-live-electronics Luigi Nono (1924-1990): La Fabbrica illuminata (1964) for soprano and 4-channel-tape Luciano Berio (1925-2003): Altra voce (1999) for soprano, flute and live-electronics

8 PM Elizabeth Weisser—Densities and Light
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: Elizabeth Weisser (viola)
Giacinto Scelsi: “Coelacanth” (1955) Arcangelo Corelli: “Sonata no. 5, op. 5” (1700) Salvatore Sciarrino: “Di volo” (1974) Don Carlo Gesualdo: “Questi leggiardri odorosetti fiori” (1594) Niccolo Paganini: “Caprice #17” (1802-1817) Pierluigi Billone: “ITI KE MI” (1995) *US Premiere

FRIDAY, June 20
7 PM Terry Riley and Friends at the River to River Festival
VENUE: Federal Hall
DETAILS: Composer Paola Prestini curates the second iteration of the Ex-Situ series and showcases work created and inspired by Terry Riley with a quartet formed just for this occasion: Cornelius Dufallo, Jenny Choi, Ljova and Jeffrey Zeigler.
ADMISSION: check with the venue

MONDAY, June 23
8 PM – 11PM Garth Knox
VENUE: The Stone
8 PM Part One: Solo
Garth Knox (viola, viola d’amore) with special guest Melia Watras (viola)
Works by Frederic Rzewski, Rory Boyle, Olga Neuwirth, Garth Knox, John Zorn.
9 PM Part Two: Duos
Garth Knox (viola, viola d’amore) John Stulz (viola) Mark Feldman (violin)
Works by George Benjamin, Garth Knox, Mark Feldman.
10 PM Part Three
Garth Knox (viola, viola d’amore) Equi(k)nox Ensemble
Works by Garth Knox and John Zorn.
ADMISSION: $15 per set

MONDAY, June 23
7 PM Kimmo Pohjonen and Jeffrey Zeigler at the River to River Festival
VENUE: Pier 15
DETAILS: Inspired by the lure of Aokigahara – which has long been associated with demons and spirits in Japanese mythology, and in recent years has become a popular place for suicides – innovative Finnish accordion player Kimmo Pohjonen and former Kronos Quartet cellist Jeffrey Zeigler collaborate to weave a potent and energetic musical tapestry rife with hope, faith, and resignation.


Guitarist Eyal Maoz Set for Weeklong Residency at The Stone, 7/15-20

From Broadway World:

John Zorn’s renowned THE STONE presents a weeklong residency performed and curated by mesmerizing guitarist and composer Eyal Maoz. A mainstay of the NYC downtown music scene, Maoz is notoriously known as the bad (and crazy) boy of the progressive jazz guitar world. For six nights, he brings his new works evoking both cutting edge rock-jazz-Jewish extravaganza noise and chamber grace. Residency includes sets with his iconic bands: Middle-Eastern meets pop and Downtown music of Edom featuring Shanir Blumenkranz (7.18); The X guitar and contemporary classical string quartet premiering new works (7.15); acoustic Jewish project Dimyon (7.16); eccentric, electric Collapse Guitar Quartet (7.17); jazz-based trio 9 Volt featuring Rick Parker and Tim Berne (7.17); the Jewish rock sounds of John Zorn’s Abraxas (7.19); experimental group Hypercolor featuring Lukas Ligeti (7.20); and more. For a complete schedule, see below.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 16/2014

Peter Kowald
Cover of Peter Kowald

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Kit Demos
a General History of Flame: Kit Demos, B, El B/ Jeff Platz, G/ Charlie Kohlhase, Bari Sax, Ts/ Tod Brunel, Bcl, Cl/ Pandelis Karayorgis, Wurlitzer Piano

Signal Problems: Danny Gouker, Tpt/ Eric Trudel, Ts/ Adam Hopkins, B/ Nathan Ellman-bell, Dr

Vougheauxyice: Odeya Nini, Vo

Crackle: Fred Lonberg Holm, Cello/ Nick Stephens, B

Francois Carrier
the Russian Concerts Vol1: François Carrier, as/ Michel Lambert, Dr/ Alexey Lapin, P

Overground to the Vortex: F Carrier, as/ M Lambert, Dr/ John Edwards, B/ Steve Beresford, P

Didier Petit
East West: Didier Petit, Cello, Vo/ Xu Fengxia, Guzheng, Sanxian, Vo/ Sylvain Kassap, Cl, Chalumeau

Whirlwind Records
Views from the Inside: Jc Sanford Orchestra

Fyodor D
Materico: Marco Franceschetti: Ts, Cl/ Sergio Prada, G/ Paolo Benzoni, Dr

No Business
Trio &Amp; Duo in New Orleans: Kidd Jordan, Ts/ Alvin Fielder, Dr/ Peter Kowald, B

Resonating Abstractions: Michael Dessen, Tbn, Elec/ Christopher Tordini, B/ Dan Weiss, Dr

Liv: Stefan Orin, P/ Peter Orin, Dr/ Christophe Hache, B

“IN (Key)” – New Music in Celebration of Terry Riley’s “IN C” @ 50 Years

Terry Riley
Cover of Terry Riley

From Make Music NY:

“IN (Key)” – New Music in Celebration of Terry Riley‘s “IN C” @ 50 Years for Make Music New York, 1-4pm on Cornelia Street in NYC

On June 21st, as part of Make Music New York 2014, Terry Riley’s “IN C” will be celebrated with “IN (Key)”, eleven new works by leading composer-performers in a concert co-produced by ComposersCollaborative and Peppergreen Media with the support of the Cornelia Street Cafe. The event will begin with a special performance of “IN C” itself, serving as a prelude to all that is to follow.

Completing the octave, on the program will be: “IN Db” by Eleonor Sandresky (keyboard), “IN D” by Lisa Maree Dowling (double bass), “IN Eb” by David Borden (keyboard), “IN E” by Gene Pritsker (electric guitar), “IN F” by Elliott Sharp (electric guitar), “IN Gb” by Adam Cuthbért (trumpet & laptop), “IN G” by Patrick Grant (electric guitar & keyboard), “IN Ab” by Brad Balliett (bassoon), “IN A” by John King (viola), “IN Bb” by Vasko Dukovski (clarinet), and “IN B” by Jed Distler (keyboard).

The concert will take place from 1:00 to 4:00 PM on the street outside the cafe at 29 Cornelia St. and is free and open to the public. At 6:00 PM there will be a separate event inside the cafe performed by members of the ensemble for a nominal charge TBD.

Marc Ribot’s Benefit for the Frantz Casséus Young Guitarists Program

Marc Ribot
Cover of Marc Ribot

The Benefit for the Frantz Casséus Young Guitarists Program is Hosted by Marc Ribot & Howard Wolfson June 16th at New York’s Issue Project Room

Before Marc Ribot made a name for himself as a pioneering force in NYC’s downtown music scene and as guitarist for luminaries like Tom Waits, Wilson Pickett and The Lounge Lizards, he began his guitar studies as a teenager with close family friend, the father Haitian classical guitar, Frantz Casséus.

After Haiti was devastated by earthquake in 2010, Ribot founded the Frantz Casséus Young Guitarists Program in Port-Au-Prince, using funds from his former mentor’s publishing, which he’d inherited after Casséus’ death in 1993. The program, run jointly by the Haitian Music Company, Caracol and the Holy Trinity Music School, offers a haven for creativity and stability to low-income students.

This special evening at Issue Project Room benefits the Frantz Casséus Young Guitarists Program with a program of works by and in tribute to the great composer and teacher. Marc Ribot, along with two other disciples of Casseus, Italian classical guitarist Alberto Mesirca and Marc Mathelier pay tribute in separate sets, as well as Trio Blastphemy (Curtis Hasselbring – trombone, Ben Holmes – trumpet, flugelhorn, Marcus Rojas – tuba), vocalists Melanie Charles and Barbara (Perlow) Simon (who sung on Casseus’ 1969Haitiana recording reissued on Smithsonian Folkways) and Frantz’s great nephew DJ Greg Caz.

The evening also celebrates the publication of a new book of with newly found compositions, Frantz Casséus Guitar Works,compiled by Marc Ribot and Alberto Mesirca and published by Zimmerman.