Coming to the Vortex Jazz Club

Lucian Ban @ Jazzy Spring
Lucian Ban @ Jazzy Spring (Photo credit: dotro)

From London’s Vortex:

SUNDAY 18 MAY • 20.00-23.00 • £8 (£6 CONC) • MD

Mopomoso presents an evening featuring four established duos from the finest in free improvisation:

Phil Minton / John Russell
Chris Burn / Matt Hutchinson
SQ: Paul Pignon /Thomas Bjelkeborn
Jim Dvorak / Harrison Smith

TUESDAY 20 MAY • 20.00 • £10 • MD

ELEVATION: Lucian Ban/ Abraham Burton/ John Hebert/ Eric McPherson

Romanian pianist Lucian Ban leads NYC-based band in “searching postbop that cranes toward the avant-garde without losing the buoyance of swing” (Time Out NY). This is the London show of the group’s European release tour.