The evolution of Ken Vandermark’s Made to Break

Ken Vandermark
Cover of Ken Vandermark

From the Bleader:

In the liner notes for Provoke (Clean Feed), last year’s debut album by his quartet Made to Break, reedist Ken Vandermark writes that the band emerged from two impulses or threads he’d been exploring over the years with other projects. He first cites FME and Frame Quartet as ensembles that explored modular forms—compositions with multiple moving parts that can be reordered on the fly by participants; then he cites Spaceways Inc. and Powerhouse Sound as groups exploring his interest in funk, reggae, and the early-70s electric music of Miles Davis. Made to Break was formed in the summer of 2011 with drummer Tim Daisy, bassist Devin Hoff (then living in Chicago), and the Austrian electronic improviser Christof Kurzmann; the group performed at the 2012 Chicago Jazz Festival, when Vandermark was artist-in-residence.