AMN Reviews: The Zero Map – Psychic Glass Dome / Daniel Thomas – Codeine (Sheepscar Light Industrial)

The Zero Map is Chloe Wallace and Karl MV Waugh. Their Psychic Glass Dome is hybrid electronica that is both thought provoking and mind expanding. “Whale Song for the Electronic Generation” is Tangerine Dream at cross purposes with an ornery string section. “Shift” is a game of cosmic shuffleboard played backward, its hollow skittering rising and arcing round a, well, psychic glass dome. “Halley´s 8 Foot Iron Mural Quadrant” – named after an eighteenth-century instrument used to determine the position of heavenly bodies in sidereal time – is a stately cathedral drone open wide to the great, big world outside. The key element to each of these three tracks is a juxtapositional tension that digs its fingers in and massages both halves of the brain.

Daniel Thomas calls Codeine “sonic meditation for the self-medicated”. Subtle, soothing and palliative indeed, it is as finely wrought as a thin oak leaf smithed out of metal salvaged from the fuselage of an old Spitfire. Machine drone with emotional surround, it is a message about events and objects and sensations that establish their importance slowly. Earning your attention.

Thus two more little medallions of pleasure out of Leeds. The entire Sheepscar Light Industrial three-inch discography is available on Bandcamp. Also worth noting is that Thomas has expanded his West Yorkshire media empire by starting up Cherry Row Recordings. Its most recent release, Thomas´ Revolution #21, is a full-length disc, an opportunity to indulge in a longer, multiplex session with a true drone- and throbmaster.

Stephen Fruitman

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