DMG Newsletter April 18th, 2014

English: Matana Roberts @ ATP Curated by The D...
English: Matana Roberts @ ATP Curated by The Dirty Three (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From DMG:

Creative Music Studio 3 CD Set: Charles Brackeen/Ed Blackwell/David Izenzon/Fred Rzewski/Ursula Oppens/Leroy Jenkins/Roscoe Mitchell/Oliver Lake..! Barry Guy New Orchestra! Trevor Watts/Veryan Weston DVD! Medeski/Martin/Wood+Nels Cline! Jon Irabagon Trio! Eric Revis/Darious Jones/Bill McHenry Qt!

Dave Binney/Craig Taborn! Lawnmower: Jim Hobbs/Luther Gray! Rodrigo Amado Wire QT! Sei Miguel Salvation! David Karakauer Plays Olivier Messiaen! Doug Weiselman Solo! Chicago Underground Duo! Robert Marcel Lepage Clarinet Sextet! Kate Soper//Wet Ink Ensemble! Three from Patrick Breiner! A Dozen Plus Discs from Criss Cross! And Even More!

Wayne Horvitz/Zony Mash + Horns Live! Rieflin/Fripp: Slow Music! Bobby Avey/Ben Monder! Tony Levin Stickmen! Ich Bin N!ntendo! Jon Voirol! Gustafsson/Thing 7″!

Dave Douglas Riverside Quartet! Matana Roberts Coin Coin Chapter Two! David Krakauer‘s Big Picture! Ross Hammond /Vinny Golia/Catherine Sikora! Ayman Fanous/Jason Kao Hwang! Made to Break: Vandermark/Kurzmann/Hoff/ Daisy!

Rudy Royston/Jon Irabagon! Mike Baggetta Quartet! Kartet with Benoit Delbecq! Jaap Blonk/Sandy Ewen/Damon Smith/Chris Cogburn! Prism Sax Quartet & More from Innova! Musica Elettronica Viva! Walter Marchetti! Jac Berrocal! Bernard Parmegiani! Luc Ferrari!


The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues With:

Sunday, April 27th Double-Header:

Sunday May 11th:

Sunday, May 25th:
6pm: NU DUO: CHERYL PYLE & BERN NIX – Flute & Guitar!

AMN Reviews: Base 4 – Axes of Symmetry

a2591528024_2Base 4, the trio of Bruce Friedman (trumpet), Derek Bomback (guitar) and Alan Cook (drums), offers something old made new: A set of creatively dismantled jazz standards connected by freely improvised interludes.

The selection of standards is an eclectic one, encompassing the well-known (Afro Blue, Straight, No Chaser, My Funny Valentine) and the less familiar  (Lawns, Las Vegas Tango, Peacocks, If You Never Come to Me). Although these songs are played freely they remain recognizable through what’s retained of them: Fragments of melody, harmonic passages, and ambience. The improvised interludes provide context by conserving and extending the exploratory work set out in the standards.

The playing is engaging throughout. Friedman’s trumpet brings an introspective feeling to the music, eschewing quick runs and pyrotechnics in favor of a ruminative voice in the middle register. Bomback imparts a warm, round tone and knows when harmonies are best left implied, while Cook’s crisp drumming adds color and gentle support, never overwhelming the overall balance of sound.

5049 Records Podcast: Lea Bertucci

From 5049 Records:

Lea Bertucci is a composer, bass clarinetist and sound artist who now resides in Hudson, New York. She is an interdisciplinary artist and she spent much of her 7+ years in New York City putting on house shows with an emphasis on creating an inviting environment in which excellent music could take place. For this talk, Lea and I discuss her experience as a curator, frustrations with getting ones work heard, and her recent move upstate to have more space and peace in which to create.

NPR First Listen: Nels Cline Singers, ‘Macroscope’


Nels Cline
Cover of Nels Cline

NPR is offer a full stream of this new release.

Nels Cline is a gateway drug in the best of ways. He’s known as the guitar player for one of America’s best bands, Wilco. His crazy performances, filled with static shrieking and string bending, have led fans to the other side of music. It’s a style that interweaves jazz, progressive rock and noise.

We reviewed the album here.