Arts for Art Evolving Series in NY

William Parker

Cover of William Parker

From Arts for Art, Inc.:

Monday, April 14th
Rob Brown Residency

7:30 William Parker / Rob Brown Duo
Rob Brown – alto sax
William Parker – bass

8:45 Rob Brown Trio
Rob Brown – sax
Kenny Warren – trumpet
Gerald Cleaver – drums

10:00 Mezzacappa Trio
Lisa Mezzacappa – bass
Tomeka Reid – cello
Jeff Davis – drums
Monday, April 21th

7:30 Lou Grassi & Friends
Cecile Broche – violin
Kenny Wessel – guitar
Joe Fonda – bass
Lou Grassi – drums

8:45 Jon Irabagon Quartet
Jon Irabagon – sax
Luis Perdomo – piano
Yasushi Nakamura – bass
Rudy Royston – drums

10:00 William Hooker Trio
Mark Hennen – piano
Matt Lavelle – trumpet
William Hooker – drums
Monday, April 28

John Tchicai Birthday Celebration

7:30 Jonathan Finlayson Tribute to Tchicai
Jonathan Finlayson – trumpet
Brian Settles – sax
Mike Pride – drums

8:45 Gerald Cleaver’s Black Host
Songs for J Tchicai
Cooper-Moore – keyboard
Darius Jones – alto
Brandon Seabrook – guitar
Pascal Niggenkemper – bass
Gerald Cleaver – drums

10:00 Yoni Kretzmer 2 Bass Quartet
Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax
Reuben Radding – double bass
Sean Conly – double bass
Mike Pride – drums

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