AMN Reviews: Colin Webster and Graham Dunning – Estigate [LOR050]

Recorded in a London, UK storage facility over the course of two days in winter and summer 2012, this stimulating set of eight live improvisations is a soundtrack of things confronted in their raw state.

Colin Webster draws a kind of elemental expressionism from tenor and baritone saxophones, making all the parts of the instruments audible as he figuratively disassembles and reassembles them as he plays. Through key clicks, overblown notes, air sounds and multiphonics Webster conveys a vivid picture of the player transmitting ideas directly through the instrument’s material. Complementing him is Graham Dunning’s turntable, feeding in Dunning’s field recordings via dubplate supplemented by a spectrum of pops, crackles and the mechanical groan of motors running down under pressure and then returning to speed.

Although fully improvised, the tracks all embody an inherent sense of composition that makes good use of variations in density and timbre through layering and sonic contrast.

Nate Wooley Interviews Anthony Braxton

Anthony Braxton
Cover of Anthony Braxton

From BOMB Magazine:

Anyone possessing a passing familiarity with Anthony Braxton as a public figure has probably fallen prey to the caricature of him as a bespectacled, musical “mad scientist” in a cardigan sweater. As a caricature it is not far off, but it only addresses the surface trappings of a singular saxophonist, composer, and man of incredible depth and power. From his earliest days as part of Chicago’s AACM to the present third millenium, Braxton has used a saxophone and a pencil to radically define a new, non-genre specific, musical language, making him the persona sui generis of the modern American iconoclast.

Switchboard Music Festival 2014

The Kronos Quartet performing in the open air ...
The Kronos Quartet 

From Amoeblog:

On Saturday, April 12th from 2-10pm at San Francisco’s Brava Theater, Switchboard Music presents its seventh annual marathon music festival. Festival headliners Kronos Quartet will perform world premieres by Switchboard co-director Ryan Brown and Bay Area composer Sahba Aminikia.

Here’s the non-stop line-up for April 12th:
2:00 Gamelan X (contemporary beleganjur gamelan ensemble)
2:45 Splinter Reeds (Bay Area’s first reed quintet)
3:20 The Operators a (supergroup of local new music aficionados)
4:05 Makeunder (seven-person experimental indie band)
4:50 Jordan Glenn & Michael Coleman (percussion & keyboard duo)
5:15 Matthew Welch’s Blarvuster (led by Highland bagpipe virtuoso Matthew Welch)
5:55 Kate Campbell performs Julia Wolfe’s My Lips From Speaking
6:20 Odessa Chen + The Invisible Stories Ensemble perform orchestrated versions of Chen’s original songs
6:45 Grex (mighty, twisted song-based experimental rock)
7:25 Mobius Trio (three guitars performing original commissions)
7:50 Ruth Asawa School of the Arts Orchestra performs Anna Clyne’s Within Her Arms
8:15 Dublin (combines the live elements of an MC and the range of a vaudeville performer)
9:00 Kronos Quartet performs 2two world premieres!

In addition to this year’s festival, Switchboard establishes itself as the leading purveyor of genre-bending contemporary music in the Bay Area with the addition of Switchboard Presents. Every third Friday of the month at the Center for New Music, Switchboard Presents features split bills drawn from a roster of Switchboard alumni, 2014 Festival artists, and other acts who fall between genre lines. The series launched on February 21 and continues with performances by Crystal Pascucci’s Wild Hen and the Americana Orchestra with composer Danny Clay (March 21), Nonsemble 6 and the Hurd Ensemble (April 18), Areon Flutes and the Mobius Trio (May 16), and clarinetist Jeff Anderle + Friction Quartet and Makeunder (June 20).

5049 Records Podcast: Sylvie Courvoisier

Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier, performing a...
Swiss pianist Sylvie Courvoisier

From 5049 Records.

Sylvie Courvoisier is a pianist and improviser of stunning virtuosity and precision. Her playing is marked by tremendous technique and an advanced sense of harmony. She has worked closely with Ikue Mori, John Zorn, Mark Feldman, Susie Ibarra and many others. Two weeks ago I traveled to her home in Brooklyn to trace her history from being the daughter of a weekend jazzer in Switzerland to being one of New York’s fiercest musicians.



April 6, 2014
Joe Talia & James Rushford, ISSUE Project Room
James Rushford Joe Talia

April 6, 2014
Jooklo Duo with Guests, JACK
David Vanzan Jim Hobbs Stanley Jason Zappa Steven Leffue Tamio Shiraishi Virginia Genta

April 6, 2014
Kapital, ISSUE Project Room
Kuba Ziołek Rafał Iwański

April 6, 2014
Paal Nilssen-Love Solo, ISSUE Project Room
Paal Nilssen-Love

April 4, 2014
Ross Hammond & Max Johnson, IBeam
Max Johnson Ross Hammond

April 4, 2014
Ross Hammond, Max Johnson, Stephen Haynes, J. D. Parran, Andrew Drury, IBeam
Andrew Drury J. D. Parran Max Johnson Ross Hammond Stephen Haynes

April 4, 2014
Stephen Haynes, J. D. Parran, Ross Hammond, IBeam
J. D. Parran Ross Hammond Stephen Haynes

A Loud, Movable Birthday Festival for Louis Andriessen

Louis Andriessen
Cover of Louis Andriessen


The Dutch composer Louis Andriessen, whose 75th birthday is being celebrated with a weeklong festival at venues across the Washington area, has built a reputation for writing accessible music. And it is, with orchestration as colorful and bold as a Hawaiian shirt and with a knack for keeping listeners engaged through unexpected twists that might include a violinist singing, an electric guitar lurking near the woodwinds or a brass chorale morphing into a bebop band.