Jazz trio Ballister in Lexington Previewed

Fred lonberg-Holm
Cover of Fred lonberg-Holm

From Kentucky.com:

At the onset of Smolder, one of three lengthy improvisations that make up Ballister’s third album, Mi Casa Es en Fuego, the music begins as three separate entities. Or expressions. Or outbursts. Dave Rempis’ saxophone punctuation starts with a series of jabs and pops that eventually bounce about with an almost mischievous agitation. Countering that are the cello colors of Fred Lonberg-Holm that sound less like the product of an instrument usually thought of for its chamber-like qualities and more like the scratchy, electric disturbances of guitarist Marc Ribot. Underneath it all is Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love, whose playing can reflect frenzied immediacy one minute, brutal deconstruction the next and, in select passages, an icy calm.