Dan Weiss Interview

Dan Weiss’s Music For Fourteen Musicians is getting quite a bit of attention ahead of its release. Weiss is interviewed regarding the album, which comes out next week.

Percussionist/composer Dan Weiss‘s new album, Fourteen, will be released next week on Pi Recordings. (Pre-order it from Amazon.) It’s a single, 37-minute, through-composed work featuring 14 musicians: in addition to Weiss on drums and vocal recitation, Jacob Sacks plays piano; Matt Mitchell plays glockenspiel, piano, and organ; Thomas Morgan plays upright bass; Miles Okazaki plays electric and classical guitar; David Binney plays alto saxophone; Ohad Talmor plays tenor saxophone; Jacob Garchik plays trombone and tuba; Ben Gerstein plays trombone; Lana Cencic, Judith Berkson and Maria Neckam provide vocals; Katie Andrews plays harp; and Stephen Cellucci plays percussion.