AMN Reviews: Andrew Raffo Dewar – Interactions Quartet [brd 068]

Andrew Raffo Dewar
Andrew Raffo Dewar (Photo credit: michaelz1)

The “interactions” of the title can be read as referring not only to the highly refined interactions among the four players throughout these eleven tracks, but to the well-proportioned interaction of composed phrases and improvised sections characteristic of the music presented here. All were composed by Andrew Raffo Dewar, who also plays soprano saxophone.

The five Interactions making up the CD’s first half encompass everything from Dewar’s turbulent sax cadenzas to asymmetrical melodies played in unison on reeds (Dewar, along with Kyle Bruckmann on oboe and English horn), electric guitar (John Shiurba) and percussion (Gino Robair). The Piece for Four Instruments, dedicated to Earle Brown, is on the whole sparser, although its pointillistic sections are counterbalanced by long tones in unison or stacked in dissonant, often microtonal, intervals.

Dewar’s saxophone is a dominant voice throughout, alternating rapid flurries of notes with prolonged, strident tones that are gradually transmuted through microtonal deviations and changes in relative duration. Bruckmann’s reeds bring a likeness in range and timbre to the soprano saxophone, but this likeness paradoxically makes for a certain pungency during dissonant passages. Shiurba’s guitar is essential to framing and offsetting the other instruments through doubling and counterpoint as well as percussive interventions, while Robair’s use of percussion and electronics reflects his uncanny sense of when to be present and when not to be.

AMN Picks of the Week: William Parker / Der 2TE Fruend / Matthew Shipp / Gauci, Knuffke Filiano

avant-garde pianist Matthew Shipp
Matthew Shipp (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

William Parker Septet – Wood Flute Songs: Light Cottage Draped in a Curtain of Blues (2009)
William Parker Quartet – Wood Flute Songs: Live in Houston (2007)
William Parker Quartet – Wood Flute Songs: Live at Yoshi’s (2006)
Der 2TE Fruend – Sub Divo (2014)
Matthew Shipp Trio – Root of Things (2014)
Gauci / Knuffke / Filiano – Chasing Tales (2014)

5049 Records Podcast: Jim Black

From 5049 Records:

American drummer Jim Black, performing with th...
American drummer Jim Black

Jim Black is a cat. He’s been on the scene a long time, playing drums in several of the most important bands to come out of Brooklyn in the past two decades. He’s travelled the world and for this episode Jim and I sit down to discuss the state of a crumbling music industry, maintaining long-term relationships both musical and personal, and growing as a musician. This is a good one so strap in.

Interview with Robert Rich

From Anthem Albums:

Robert Rich at DEMF
Robert Rich at DEMF (Photo credit: glacial23)

Robert Rich’s amazing discography leaves me the feel of eternity. I mean, many beautiful noises, as a journey to unknown. And his music fills many empty spaces, leaving me out my consciousness. As the real word is far away with whispers and unintelligible sounds. It took a while to get into his albums, but after that I just became obsessive about listen his recordings, principally when I’m alone.