Transparent Productions in March and April

From DC’s Transparent Productions:

Chicago Underground Duo
Cover of Chicago Underground Duo

CAVERNS 2001 11th St. NW DC 20001
at 7PM & 8:30PM

March 2014 Women’s History Month
(2 Sundays of Women Artists! left)
March 23 – Eri Yamamoto Trio
Eri Yamamoto–piano
Kevin Tkacz–bass,
Ikuo Takeuchi-drums

March 30 – Leena Conquest Group
Leena Conquest – vocals, Others TBA

Sunday, April
13, 2014
Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures
Adam Rudolph- handrumset, kongos, djembe, tarija, abumba, thumb pianos, sintir, multiphonic vocal, percussion, electronics
Graham Haynes-cornet, flugelhorn, dusun’goni, percussion
Ralph Jones- flute, bass clarinet, husli, ney, alto flute, soprano and tenor saxophones, bamboo flutes

Sunday, April
20, 2014 – Chicago Underground DuoRob Mazurek–trumpet, Chad Taylor-drums

Sunday, April
27, 2014 – Matthew Shipp Trio
(in dedication to Duke Ellington)
Matthew Shipp – piano, Michael Bisio – bass, Whit Dickey – drums

Bob Drake’s Audio Archive

Bob Drake has released a bunch of songs that he has recorded over the years.

Bob Drake
Cover of Bob Drake

This small selection of ditties, featuring groups of which I have been a member of over the centuries, collaborations, one-off oddities and other such thrills, has been lovingly hand-plucked for your amusement from amongst my horribly vast collection of cassettes, CDs and hard disks, and streams in scintillating 320kbps MP3 quality. Note that this page will be updated occasionally, on those rainy days when I have time to pore over the crates full of cassettes and hard disks.

Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 08/2014

From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:

Mark Helias
Cover of Mark Helias

John Irabagon
It Takes all Kinds: Jon Irabagon, Ts/ Mark Helias, B/ Barry Altschul, Dr

Emilgustafsorennulle on Facebook
Emil DE Waal+gustaf Lunggren/ Soren Kjaergaard/ Elith Nykjaer

Dragon Nat: Natsuki Tamura, Tp

Natura Morta
Decay: Franz Loriot, Vla/ Sean Ali, B/ Carlo Costa, Dr

Gron: Henrik Walsdorff, as/ Adam Pultz Melbye, B/ Kasper Tom Christiansen, Dr

Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe: Maria Faust Jazz Catastrophe

Gaffer Records
in St Johann: the Ames Room

Knyst!: Kasper Vaernes, as/ Christian M S, B/ Andread Wildhagen, Dr

and It Ended Badly: Dead Neanderthals

Fyodor D
Materico: Marco Franceschetti, Ts, Cl/ Sergio Prada, G/ Paolo Benzoni, Dr

and the Cowgirls Kept on Dancing: Albert Van Veenendaal, P/ Alan Purves, Perc, Toys

Deric Dickens
Oh Lovely Appearance: Deric Dickens, Dr/ Kirk Knuffke, Cornet/ Jesse Lewis, G

All About Jazz Reviews

From All About Jazz:

Joëlle Léandre
Cover of Joëlle Léandre

Mark Dresser / Gerry Hemingway / Assif Tsahar
Code Re(a)d (Hopscotch Records)

Jon Irabagon
It Takes All Kinds (Jazzwerkstatt Berlin-brandenburg E.v.)

John Russell / Ståle Liavik Solberg
No Step (Hispid)

That Which Is Planted (Passin’ Thru Records)

Daunik Lazro / Joëlle Léandre
Hasparren (NoBusiness Records)

Lisa Mezzacappa Trio
X Marks The Question (Queen Bee Records)

Motion (Dancing Wayang)