Two Rare Noise Records Releases in April

From Rare Noise:

Jamie Saft
Cover of Jamie Saft

ELEC3CITIES, the new album by Italian piano trio CHAT NOIR (Michele Cavallari on piano, multiple keyboards, analog synthesizers and effects, Luca Fogagnolo on electric bass, upright bass, guitars and effects and Giuliano Ferrari on drums and effects). By organically blending elements of Electronica, both Ambient and Concrete Music with structures arising out of chamber music and jazz, this group has come up with a wholly unique sound on Elec3Cities that may establish a daring new direction for the format.

Concurrently RareNoise will be releasing PLYMOUTH , a three part improvised psychedelic suite Jamie Saft (piano,organs), Joe Morris (guitars), Gerald Cleaver (drums), Chris Lightcap (electric bass), Mary Halvorson (guitars). Recorded in Jamie Saft’s Potterville studios, this record presents itself as an entrancing, psychedelic organic voyage. It establishes psychedelia as one of the columns of contemporary free music, and is both mind blowing and incredibly subtle.