John Zorn in Australia Reviewed

From The Age:

John Zorn (cropped version)
John Zorn

It seemed almost unbelievable when it was announced – that John Zorn was coming to Australia for the first (and probably only) time to perform with a mind-blowing collection of musicians from the US for a four-night series celebrating his music and career. Yet there they were on Tuesday for a marathon concert: Zorn and more than 20 of New York’s finest improvising artists, all gathered together in one room in Adelaide.

From The Guardian:

John Zorn has never been to Australia before and, according to Adelaide festival director David Sefton, he’s never coming back again, so these concerts mark the rarest of opportunities for Australian audiences to see the 60-year-old avant garde legend in the flesh. Tuesday saw the first of four concerts designed as a retrospective of Zorn’s long and eclectic career, the whole of which will involve some 40 musicians including Mike Patton, and Dave Lombardo, formerly of Slayer, plus the Adelaide Symphony orchestra.