5049 Records Podcast: Ben Goldberg

From 5049 Records.

Ben Goldberg
Ben Goldberg (Photo credit: michaelz1)

Ben Goldberg is a clarinetist of astounding virtuosity, depth and sensitivity. His music has had a profound effect on me since first encountering it at age 19 and any chance to hear Ben play is revelatory experience. For this talk Ben and I go deep, real deep as we discuss the ongoing struggle inherent to playing clarinet, the weight of tradition, and living a balanced life. I couldn’t be more proud of how this podcast turned out and I hope that you all get as much out of listening to it as I did making it.



March 9, 2014
Urban Sound Ensemble, (le) poisson rouge
Josef Klammer Martin Philadelpy Seppo Grundler

March 8, 2014
Franz Hautzinger, Nate Wooley, Isabelle Duthoit, IBeam
Franz Hautzinger Isabelle Duthoit Nate Wooley

March 8, 2014
Jerome Cooper & Kresten Osgood, IBeam
Jerome Cooper Kresten Osgood

March 2, 2014
Brandon Seabrook Solo, 61 Local
Brandon Seabrook

Musique Machine Reviews

From Musique Machine:

The Killer Came From The Bronx – Perspective
France Jobin – Valence
Ildjarn – Ildjarn
Dead Body Collection – Psychological Mechanisms
Gabriel Saloman – Soldier´s Requiem
Bone Grinder/Sleep Column – Split
Nightmare Castle – Blind Dead
Requiem – Provenance
March 15 – Our Love Becomes a Funeral Pyre
Grunt – Europe After Storm

Tectonics Adelaide program one review – a classical experiment

From theguardian.com:

John Cage
Cover of John Cage

Tectonics is an ambitious attempt to bring together two worlds: that of the classical orchestra and experimental music. In this, its fifth edition but first in the southern hemisphere, curator and conductor Ilan Volkov has recruited the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra to play with a host of avant-garde composers and musicians in a five-hour program. It takes in everything from a piano recital by John Cage collaborator Aki Takahashi to a 40-minute semi-improvised drone by the composer and electronic musician Oren Ambarchi. The second program, on Monday, will go even further out there – it’s over nine hours long and culminates in a performance by Sunn O))) side project Gravetemple.

Anthony Braxton Kicks Off 69th Birthday Season with Tri-Centric Music Festival

From BWWMusicWorld:

Anthony Braxton
Anthony Braxton (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Esteemed American composer, musician, educator, recording artist and philosopher Anthony Braxton kicks off his 69th birthday season with the 2014 Tri-Centric Music Festival in New York, running April 10-19 at Roulette in Brooklyn and Eyebeam in Manhattan. The wide-ranging festival pairs rare performances of past compositions and premieres of new work by the prolific MacArthur Fellow, Doris Duke Performing Artist and recently-named NEA Jazz Master, with new projects by noted collaborators James Fei, Nate Wooley, Fay Victor and André Vida. Braxton’s latest multimedia opera, Trillium J (The Non-Unconfessionables), will also receive its premiere. Please see below for schedule and full details.

Interview with Ras Moshe

From Jazz Right Now:

Ras Moshe: I grew up in the East New York Section of Brooklyn. Born March 22nd 1968. There was a lot of music going on in Brooklyn from what I remember as far as the childhood days go. In Bed-Stuy and further, not so much East New York. There was a cultural center called The East that my father and other family members frequented. I remember the energy. I wish I was older, I could have asked those great artists some questions now that I actually play music myself!