John Zorn is Adelaide Festival’s most exclusive ingredient

From The Advertiser:

John Zorn
Cover of John Zorn

John Zorn doesn’t give interviews. The New York jazz saxophone player and composer, a cult figure in jazz and contemporary music, is the 2014 Festival’s most expensive, exclusive and core ingredient. His distrust of the media extends to using one reporter in New York who interviews him and then offers the article around the world, an option newspapers prefer not to abide by for ethical reasons.

The extent of Zorn’s influence on the jazz world is huge, and the Adelaide Festival, through David Sefton’s very cliquey and cult-like contacts in the music world, will be offering something unlikely to ever be experienced in Australia again, and never heard anywhere before. The four John Zorn concerts at Festival Theatre are not just four concerts, but the entire history of one phenomenal musical spirit, with a truckload of leading New York musicians coming on a kind of travelling circus of droppable names.