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From All About Jazz:

Marilyn Crispell
Cover of Marilyn Crispell

Vijay Iyer extended analysis
Vijay Iyer: Mutations (ECM Records)

Raymond MacDonald & Marilyn Crispell
Parallel Moments (Babel Label)

Ken Vandermark Resonance Ensemble
Head Above Water / Feet Out Of The Fire (Not Two Records)

Peter Evans + Raleigh Dailey
Measure From Zero (Llama Records)

Farthest South
Spheres & Constellations (Self Produced)

Greg Cohen
Golden State (Relative Pitch Records)

Max Johnson Trio
The Invisible Trio (Fresh Sound New Talent)

Chicago Underground Duo
Locus (Northern Spy)

Ich Bin N!ntendo
Look (Va Fongool)

Achim Kaufmann & Michael Moore
Furthermore (Ramboy)

Gerry Hemingway
Kernelings (Auricle Records)

Dominic Lash
Opabinia (Babel Label)