AMN Reviews: Bore – Issue 2

This second number of Bore, the publication of predominantly text-based scores edited by Sarah Hughes and David Stent, arrives bearing a generous sampling of compositions by Tim Parkinson and James Saunders. As with the first number, this one puts its scores in a format designed to be used the composers intended—a welcome invitation to the reader to participate in the realization of the works included.

Parkinson, a London-based composer, curator and pianist whose works have been performed internationally by Apartment House, the London Sinfonietta, Rhodri Davies, Stefan Thut and Anton Lukoszevieze among others, is represented here by the scores to four Songs (2011) for two performers. The songs largely consist of texts drawn from a consumer survey which are spoken, chanted and shouted, and accompanied by clapping, drumming and other gestures. In addition, the performers are to strike, stir and drop objects at given times. The scores include verbal instructions specifying the conditions and durations of each song as well as pages of music notation showing the rhythms and phrasing to use for the texts’ delivery. The texts make for a droll narrative of prosaic preoccupations both essential and trivial—and sometimes both at the same time. Delivered under the conditions of controlled chaos that the instructions seem to want to create, the Songs stand as a dramatically heightened articulation of things we do or feel, without ordinarily giving them voice or thought.

James Saunders—whom we recently interviewed—contributes two sets of scores, one set verbal and one set graphic. The verbal scores—formatted, in a nice touch, as recipe cards—are sets of instructions for large ensembles of players using sound-generating objects and percussion instruments. The instructions specify sound durations and qualities, as well as rules for interactions among the ensemble’s members. The compositions’ major formal elements would appear to be timbre and density, to be shaped through phrasing and layering. The graphic scores consist of two iterations of Object Network, a piece for ten objects of the performer’s choice which are to be moved around the scores’ surfaces according to rules given in an accompanying sheet. The resulting sounds will be a function of the objects’ weight, material composition, surfaces, etc., and of the pressure used to move them. Although the instructions don’t call for contact microphones, amplification could add an interesting layer of variables to those already present.

Even with the ready availability of exploratory scores on such sites as, there’s still nothing like being able to hold and use scores produced with such careful attention to quality.

AMN Reviews: Maile Colbert – Come Kingdom Come (Two Acorns)

An exploratory opera dealing with “millennialism and apocalyptic thought and theory” using the New Testament´s Book of Revelations “as a score and launching point” and enough dinosaurs on the cover to make creationists crazy. What´s not to love? Intermedia artist and “soundscape ecologist” Maile Colbert, an Angelino living in Lisbon, directs soprano Gabriela Crowe as she mixes medieval chant and the poetry of Ian Colbert and weaves these shimmering threads into an electroacoustic soup.

As much about genesis as eschatology – the ultimate tip of the end of time touching its very beginning – Come Kingdom Come is divided into seven acts, seven days of void filling with form, where the spectral “Ouverture for That Day” catches fragments of what happened at the end in the strings of cello loops. Act One “Begins” with a prayer as heard by the angels, faint but passionate, a glossolalia that ultimately turns into English, about the cold shiver family memory can bring to the soul. Fragments of conversation in “Two Vessels” may reflect some of those memories. “Day from Arrival” seems to exist in some limbo, sparks shed by the Milky Way, muffled voices from the dark side of the moon.

Crowe “looks for absolutes” on “Four Falling Branches”, a Meredith Monk-y, polyphonic kaddish featuring electronic irritationist Tellemake, smoothed out by organ drone, sandblasted and then, on “A Fluid Dawn”, nibbled at the edges by electric termites. “Blinding for to Begin Again” is the mouth of the snake biting its tail – death to make way for beginning, God destroying his ministering angels each morning only to create new ones each night. The final track “Song for the End of Time” is sung with Jessica Constable (partner of Andrea Parkins in The Skein), while Rui Costa mans the electronics. It´s just as quietly disorienting and non-spectacular as you suspect the end times will be – a whimper, or perhaps better, sigh, rather than a bang.

Stephen Fruitman

All About Jazz Reviews

Nils Petter Molvær
Cover of Nils Petter Molvær

From All About Jazz:

Nils Petter Molvaer
Switch (Okeh)

Kidd Jordan/Alvin Fielder/Peter Kowald
Trio and Duo in New Orleans (NoBusiness Records)

Alexander Hawkins Ensemble track review
Step Wide, Step Deep (Babel Label)

Reconnaissance Fly
Flower Futures (Edgetone Records)

Jeff Platz / Kit Demos / Fabio Delvo / John McLellan extended analysis
Differential Equations: Jeff Platz / Kit Demos / Fabio Delvo / John McLellan (Skycap Records)

Jakob Baekgaard Soren Kjaergaard / Ben Street / Andrew Cyrille
Syvmileskridt (Ilk Music)

Motion (Dancing Wayang)

Eric Revis: In Memory Of Things Yet Seen” reviewed by Henning Bolte Eric Revis extended analysis
Eric Revis: In Memory Of Things Yet Seen (Clean Feed Records)

Kullhammar – Aalberg – Zetterberg
Basement Sessions Vol. 2 (Clean Feed Records)

DMG Newsletter March 30th, 2014

Graham Collier
Cover of Graham Collier

From DMG:

Steve Lacy Avignon Solo 2! Iskra 1903: Paul Rutherford/Barry Guy/Philipp Wachsmann! Nigel Coombes & Steve Beresford! John Carter & Bobby Bradford! Made to Break: Ken Vandermark/Christof Kurzmann/Devin Hoff/Tim Daisy!

Graham Collier‘s Luminosity! Dan Weiss Fourteen! Jabok Bro/Bill Frisell/Lee Konitz! The Dream: Daniel Carter/William Parker/Federico Ughi! The Moon! Jon Catler’s Fretless Brothers! Joel Harrison & Anupam Shobhakar! Jeff Lederer!

Matt Henderson/Marco Minneman/Tony Levin/Trey Gunn/Pat Mastelotto! Jason Roebke Octet! Howard Riley Solo! Paal Nilsson-Love Large Unit! Joe Chonto/Dave Tamura Sonic Urgency + Sabir Mateen! David ‘Knife’ Fabris/Ran Blake! Markus Schmikler & Julian Rohrhuber! Martin Philladephy’s Missing Dog Head Trio!

Kresten Osgood & Og Hvad Er Klokkens! Archie Shepp/Bill Dixon Quartet! Even More from Bob ‘Rakalam’ Moses! The Return of Tackhead! Coil & Nine Inch Nails! Yoshi Wada! Horacee Arnold! Arthur Russell! Ensemble Dissonanzen with Marco Cappelli!

Jason Lescalleet! Group A! Stefan Jaworzyn! John Cage Early Electronic & Tape Music! Luc Ferrari! Henri Poussuer! Max Neuhaus! Charlemagne Palestine! Morton Subotnick! Alvin Batiste/Ellis Marsalis/Ed Blackwell rarity! Bill Laswell Vs. Submerged LP! Scanner! Tony Allen & Afro Messengers!


The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues With:

Sunday, April 6th Double-Header:
6pm: LISA MEZZACAPPA & DARIUS JONES – Contrabass & Alto Sax!
7pm: ROSS HAMMOND & KEN FILIANO – Guitar & Acoustic Bass!

Sunday, April 13th Double-Header:
7pm: MYSTERY GUEST SAXIST from Europe will play Solo Tenor Sax!

Sunday, April 20th Double-Header:

Sunday, April 27th Double-Header:

The Incubator Arts Project William S. Burroughs at 100

William S. Burroughs
Cover of William S. Burroughs

From New York’s The Incubator Arts Project:

April 22—26

WSB100 is a celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of America’s preeminent avant garde literary iconoclast: William S. Burroughs, writer of Naked Lunch, Queer, Junky, and many other experimental works of great American literature. Provocative, disturbing, and exciting as the artist himself, WSB100 and Incubator Arts hosts a series of original world premiere performances in honor of the legendary mindbending troublemaker himself.

James Igenfritz and Stephanie Sleeper’s collaboration DELETED SCENES is the focus of the week, with performances Friday-Sunday. Deleted Scenes is a collaboration between composer James Ilgenfritz and choreographer Stephanie Sleeper, pairing Ilgenfritz’s Anagram Ensemble with Sleeper’s company sleepdance. The work explores the literary and existential legacy of William S. Burroughs, incorporating texts by Burroughs himself, as well as writers George Bataille, Kathy Acker, Austin Osman Spare, and Supervert. The work explores the relationship between action and object, between the mundane and the transcendent. Ilgenfritz’s score itself is an anagram, incorporating the world premieres of numerous works, for voices, violin duo, and chamber ensembles of various sizes. These new works, along with unused choreography from past fully developed sleepdance pieces, are cut up cut-up and the materials are presented out of order, in a tribute William Burroughs’ and Brion Gysin‘s Cut-Up technique, giving new meaning to the name Anagram Ensemble.

Additional events will take place at Anthology, as well as at The Stone, CUNY Graduate Center, Incubator Arts, Issue Project Room, and The Poetry Project, and will include musical performances, public readings, academic panels, film screenings, multi-media, and performance art. Burroughs’s presence in the East Village in the late 1970s resulted in some amazing cross-pollination between artists working in literature, music, film, and other media, and WSB100 reflects this influence.

Tuesday April 22
8pm Lydia Lunch & Quintan Ana Wikswo

Thursday April 24
8pm Andre Perkowski
9pm Nick Zedd

Friday April 25
8pm Lea Bertucci + G. Lucas Crane
9pm James Ilgenfritz Anagram Ensemble / Stephanie Sleeper Dance: Deleted Scenes

Saturday April 26
7pm Bhob Rhainey (solo)
8pm Ecstacy Mule presents ‘Wild Bill’s Burro’
9pm James Ilgenfritz Anagram Ensemble / Stephanie Sleeper Dance: Deleted Scenes

Sunday April 27
7pm Anne Waldman & David Little: Artaud In The Black Lodge
8pm Bob Bellerue: “Material Spirits” & “LSD Oh Yeah”.
9pm James Ilgenfritz Anagram Ensemble & Stephanie Sleeper Dance: Deleted Scenes

The Spectrum in April

Jean-Michel Pilc
Cover of Jean-Michel Pilc

From New York’s Spectrum:

– April Fool’s Day concert (Apr. 1)

– Svetlana Smolina (Apr. 2)

– The Acoustic Frontier: Michael Lytle, Denman Maroney, Stephanie Griffin and Steve Swell (Apr. 2)

– Han-Earl Park (Apr. 2)

– Nico Letman presents Spectral Interzone – Jazz for the eminently civilized (Apr. 3)
Carlos Holms band; Kris Davis, Ingrid Laubrock

– Marilyn Nonken’s series Voluptuous Virtuosity (Apr. 4)

– John King continues his Born into Flames series (Apr. 4)

– Jazz/Improv musician Terry Dame in Dark Circuits: New Technology presented by Hans Tammen (Apr. 4)

– Philipp Gerschlauer Microtonal Band (Apr. 5)

– Dollshot: New Art Songs (Apr. 5)

– Pauline Kim Harris’ series, Scones and Clotted Cream (Apr. 6)

– Nino Jvania: Piano Salon (Apr. 6)

– Cornelius Dufallo & Patrick Derivaz’s fourth installment of Soundscapes, their
new series of ambient music with featured guest, Rob Schwimmer, theremin. (Apr. 6)

– Flin van Hemmen: Canyons jazz series (Apr. 7)

– Mahir Cetiz and Mario Diaz de Leon (Apr. 8)

– Gadfly: Jazz curated by Chris Pitsiokos (Apr. 8)
Performers: Chris Pitsiokos, sax plus special guest

– Ross Hammond, Max Johnson and Billy Mintz (Apr. 8)

– Spectrum’s Singer-Songwriter Series, Hosted by Aline Queen and Carly Ozard (Apr. 9)

– Die Hamletmaschine – An adaptation of Hamlet with live music (Apr. 9)

– Guy Barash’s Eavesdropping series continues with Stephane Ginsburgh (Apr. 10)

– Jane Sheldon, soprano, performs Feldman’s “Three Voices” (Apr. 11)

– Morton Feldman Marathon (Apr. 12)

– American Festival of Microtonal Music (AFMM) for 4 nights under the direction of Johnny Reinhard (Apr. 12-15)

– Zimbabwean-American conductor Vimbayi Kaziboni makes his NY debut conducting Gerard
Grisey’s “Vortex Temporum.” Featured: New Morse Code and musicians from the International
Ensemble Modern Academy in Frankfurt, Germany. (Apr. 13)

– Seth Gilman’s Early – Late series featuring Duo RoMi (Apr. 13)

– Jeffrey Mumford Composer Portrait with Miranda Cuckson, Steve Beck, Julia Bruskin (Apr. 13)

– Joel Forrester: Jazz Piano Salon (Apr. 15)

– Tuesdays on the Spectrum: Gabriel Zucker and Gabriel Globus-Hoenich (Apr. 15)

– Visuality: Guillermo Laporta / Cre.Art Project Ensemble (Apr. 16)

– The Halcyon Ensemble (Apr. 17)

– New York New Music Collective (Apr. 18)

– Nadav Lev: Plugged and Unplugged – solo guitar concert (Apr. 19)

– Luke Gullickson, piano/voice (Apr. 19)

– Elliot Cole (Apr. 19)

– Ramin Arjomand’s series, Reinterpretations (Apr. 20)

– Rema Hasumi, solo piano (Apr. 20)

– Architeuthis Walks on Land (Apr. 20)

– Miako Klein, recorders (Apr. 21)

– Guitarist/composer Angela Babin and visual artist Serena Hale celebrate Earth Day at Spectrum (Apr. 22)

– Jose Menor & RMSonce Project (Apr. 22)

– Duo Yumeno: Shamisen/Koto and Cello (Apr. 23)

– The Music of Alex Mincek with special guests (Apr. 23)

– Jane Ash and Susan Seliger present Out by Ten: What Just Happened? A Performance
by Nina Wise (Apr. 24)

– Spectrum’s first foray into comedy shows with The Monologues, an experimental comedy
quartet of four monologues that intertwine in perhaps unexpected ways. (Apr. 25-26)

Mari Kimura, violin and electronics premieres (Apr. 26)
Guests: vocalist Jin-Xiang Yu and Cassatt String Quartet with works by Mari Kimura,
Hannah Lash and Eric Moe

– Petros Klampanis and Jean-Michel Pilc (Apr. 26)

– Dance Performances at Spectrum (Apr. 27)
Dancers: Katherine Anderson, Samantha Bergman, Katie Cowdery, Lara Gemmiti, Cristina Gustaitis,
Gretchen Hoffman, Katherine Morales, Alex Schell, Leanne Smith, Hannah Weber
Composition: Katie Buono
Choreography: Katherine Anderson and Holly Heidt

– Kathleen Tagg’s series New Sounds Africa with her own performances of works from
around Africa. (Apr. 27)

– Righteous Girls: Erika Dohi and Gina Izzo (Apr. 27)

– Daniel Levin, cello and friends – jazz (Apr. 29)

– Ambient Chaos/PAS Musique (Apr. 30)
Yogi Sartorialist (Matt Luczak), Luciernaga, John Boyle, Emil Memon/Blue Movie

Spectrum is located at 121 Ludlow Street on the Lower East Side. Tickets are generally $15;$10 for students and seniors except where indicated.

A Closer Listen Reviews

From A Closer Listen:

The Alvaret Ensemble, Kira Kira, Eiríkur Orri Ólafsson, Ingi Garðar Erlendsson, Borgar Magnason ~ Skeylja
Forest Management ~ Sky Image / The Contemplative Life
Kyle Bobby Dunn ~ Kyle Bobby Dunn & The Infinite Sadness
Delusi ~ Cataclysmia
Bruno Bavota ~ The Secret of the Sea
Plesiosaur~ ~ Memorial
V/A ~ Foldout