AMN Reviews: Bristophe – le fils de la prophétesse

Bristophe: le fils de la prophétesse [pyr099]

Bristophe is the cosmopolitan duo of Brice Catherin (French/Swiss) and Christophe Schweizer (Swiss/German), who here present two and a half hours of largely improvised music on two virtual discs. Although as instrumentalists Catherin is best known as a cellist and Schweizer as a trombonist, here they play a multitude of instruments too numerous to mention, as well as electronics.

The nearly 70 tracks gathered here were selected from a run of two weeks in the studio and are offered without retouching. On them, Catherin and Schweizer succeed in weaving a creative continuum of sound enfolding a full spectrum running from music to noise. The first disc collects 58 short pieces, each of which serves as a kind of sonic vignette. Several of these pieces work together to form suites—for example, tracks 7-13 provide seven sonic perspectives on a piano—thus allowing the development of ideas within short forms. The second disc contains longer cuts that develop on a more expansive scale, making subtle use of dynamics and silences along the way.


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