Ballister on Tour

From Dave Rempis:

Paal Nilssen-Love
Cover of Paal Nilssen-Love

Ballister, a trio of improvisers featuring some of the best known players from the Chicago and Oslo scenes, will tour the U.S. in March and April in support of a brand new recording on Bocian Records titled Both Ends. With Dave Rempis on saxophones, Fred Lonberg-Holm on cello and electronics, and Paal Nilssen-Love on drums, this trio’s approach combines the attentive sensitivity of seasoned free improvisers with the no holds barred energy of a punk band, consistently leaving behind utter devastation in their wake. Tour dates are as follows:

27 MAR :: Milwaukee | The Sugar Maple
28 MAR :: Chicago | Constellation
29 MAR :: Lexington | John J. Niles Gallery
30 MAR :: Asheville | The Mothlight
31 MAR :: Columbia | Conundrum
01 APR :: Orlando | The White House
03 APR :: New Orleans | AllWays Lounge
04 APR :: Houston | TBA
05 APR :: Austin | The North Door

AMN Reviews: Bristophe – le fils de la prophétesse

Bristophe: le fils de la prophétesse [pyr099]

Bristophe is the cosmopolitan duo of Brice Catherin (French/Swiss) and Christophe Schweizer (Swiss/German), who here present two and a half hours of largely improvised music on two virtual discs. Although as instrumentalists Catherin is best known as a cellist and Schweizer as a trombonist, here they play a multitude of instruments too numerous to mention, as well as electronics.

The nearly 70 tracks gathered here were selected from a run of two weeks in the studio and are offered without retouching. On them, Catherin and Schweizer succeed in weaving a creative continuum of sound enfolding a full spectrum running from music to noise. The first disc collects 58 short pieces, each of which serves as a kind of sonic vignette. Several of these pieces work together to form suites—for example, tracks 7-13 provide seven sonic perspectives on a piano—thus allowing the development of ideas within short forms. The second disc contains longer cuts that develop on a more expansive scale, making subtle use of dynamics and silences along the way.


Newsbits: New Potlatch Release / New pfMentum Release / Nels Cline Singers

The Nels Cline Singers
The Nels Cline Singers

Potlatch has just released Sergio Merce’s Microtonal Saxophone.

pfMentum has released Signal Problems, a new effort from Danny Gouker on Trumpet, Compositions, Eric Trudel on Tenor Saxophone, Adam Hopkins on Bass, and Nathan Ellman-bell on Drums.

The Nels Cline Singers will release their 5th LP, Macroscope, on April 29 via Mack Avenue Records. The album will feature Featuring Guitarist Nels Cline, Drummer Scott Amendola, And Bassist Trevor Dunn, plus special guests Yuka C. Honda, keyboards (Cibo Matto), Cyro Baptista, percussion (John Zorn), Josh Jones, percussion (Don Cherry), and Zeena Parkins, harp (Bjork).

OutNow Music Nights Shows in NY

From OutNow Recordings:

English: Mary Halvorson, Jazz guitarist; Pictu...
Mary Halvorson

February 23th 2014

8:00 – ROY CAMPBELL, September 29, 1952 – January 9, 2014
The master musician and trumpet player was scheduled to play this date with his long standing Pyramid Trio with William Parker and Michael Wimberly. Sadly Roy left us on Thursday January 9th. Roy will be greatly missed, the void he left behind is beyond description and the music community is left in shock and deep sorrow. A concert dedicated to Roy’s memory will take place.

Bern Nix – guitar
Matt Lavell – cornet & alto clarinet
Francois Grillot – double bass
Reggie Nicholson – drums

Bern Nix is an American jazz guitarist. He has recorded and performed with Ornette Coleman from 1975 to 1987, notably playing alongside fellow guitarist Charlie Ellerbee in Coleman’s Prime Time group on their key recordings including Dancing in Your Head and In All Languages in 1987. Hailed as one of the greatest jazz guitarists of our time, Bern was voted among the top ten jazz guitarists poll by Down Beat magazine.

March 2nd 2014


Thomas Heberer – cornet
Ken Filiano – double bass


Michael fosterMichael Foster – saxophones/objects
Pascal Niggenkemper – double bass/objects
Michael Evans – percussion/objects


Alex Weiss – tenor sax & vocals
Eyal Maoz – guitar
Rick Parker – trombone + effects
Dmitry Ishenko – bass
Yoni Halevi – drums

March 9th 2014


Mary Halvorson – guitar
Jon Irabagon – tenor saxophone


Pascal Niggenkemper – double bass
Band – tba

March 16th 2014


Briggan Krauss – alto sax
Jonathan Goldberger – guitar
Devin Gray – drums


Sean Conly – double bass
Reuben Radding – double bass
Mike Pride – drums
Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax

Derived straight from the classic Sax-Bass-drum trio, Kretzmer’s latest projects augments this standard setting with the addition of an extra double-bass, thus creating a different balance, sound, deepness and flavor yet still maintaining some of the esthetics and clarity that made the sax trio so popular in the first place. One might say this quartet’s sound is obvious yet unfamiliar simultaneously. Their second album will be released in early 2014.

March 23rd 2014


Kirk Knuffke – cornet,
David Schnug – alto saxophone
Jeff Snyder – electronics
Federico Ughi – drums

Born in Rome, Italy Federico relocated to London at age 21 to play music, from there moving to New York in 2000 again to play music. He has been based in Brooklyn, NY ever since. He has performed or recorded with Daniel Carter, William Parker, The Cinematic Orchestra among others. Federico Ughi has perfomed throughout Italy, the UK, Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Ukraine, Russia, China, Mexico, Canada and the US.


Kirk Knuffke – cornet
Jonathan Goldberger – guitar
Jeff Davis – drums

Denver General is a collective improvising trio. Three musicians that made it to New York City by way of Colorado. Longtime friends and cohorts the 3 have an innate connection guiding the music.

March 30th 2014


Kier Neuringer – alto sax (Philly)
Yoni Kretzmer – tenor sax
Shayna Dulberger – double bass
Julius Masri – drums (Philly)


Brian Drye – Trombone
Jeff Davis – Drums
Dan Fabricatore – Bass

Brooklyn-based trombonist and pianist Brian Drye has toured Japan, Europe and throughout the US. He’s played jazz with Clark Terry, John Hollenbeck, Kirk Knuffke, Andrew D’angelo, Ches Smith, Oscar Noriega and Mark Helias. He has also lent his unique trombone voice to groups as diverse as The Brooklyn Qawwali Party, Slavic Soul Party, Banda de los Muertos, Firewater, Nation Beat, Frank London’s Klezmer Brass, Stew and the Negro Problem.