Coming to Seattle

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

Seattle Modern Orchestra
Friday, Feb. 21, 8 PM; $20 general, $10 students/seniors online in advance

Seattle Modern Orchestra is pleased to introduce French cellist extraordinaire Séverine Ballon to Seattle, who will perform contemporary works by quintessential composers of our century. Join us to discover the cello’s new identity in the 21st century, as performed by one of the world’s most innovative performers. Music by Jonathan Harvey, Jér´my Jolly, and Rebecca Saunders.

Saturday, Feb. 22, 8 PM; $5-$15 sliding scale; Presented by Nonsequitur.

pincushioned is the Arizona-based duo Barry Moon (Baz) and Doug Nottingham (Dug). Since 2007 they have been working from a remote/suburban desert bunker melding digital sounds and images with their analog counterparts – beating drums, destroying guitars, spinning dials, sliding faders, writing software, building instruments and projecting bizarre imagery.
Upcoming Events (subject to change)

THU. 2/27 – Only Trio – Kate Olson (soprano sax), Jacob Herring (trombone), Steve O’Brien (trumpet)

SAT. 3/1 – Tom Baker, three Seattle premiers

Thu. 3/6 – Neal Kosaly-Meyer

Fri. 3/7 – Seattle Composers’ Salon, artists TBA

All About Jazz Reviews

From All About Jazz:

English: John Russell performing with Mopomoso...
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