William Basinski’s Arcadia Series begins March 2014 in London

From Art Assembly:

William Basinski
Cover of William Basinski

In 1989 William Basinski founded Arcadia, a studio and performance space that defined Williamsburg as an arts community and became the seat of the cultural avant-garde in the 90’s. From 1989-97 Basinski wrote and produced his own and others work, as well as hosting underground music, cabaret and poetry performances by artists including Antony and Diamanda Galas. It was a place of experimentation for established as well as emerging artists, a nurturing space where young artists were encouraged to flourish.

From March 2014, Basinski and Art Assembly will co-curate a series of Arcadia inspired music and live art events in London.

Concert series line-up confirmed so far;

Michael Gira, solo performance + William Basinski + Guests – 12th March 2014, 7:30pm, St John at Hackney

Melancholia: The Short Films of James Elaine & William Basinski – 14th March 2014, 7pm, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

Paul Prudence – Live-cinematic Visual Music (talk and performance) 15th March, 3pm, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

10000 Peacock Feathers in Foaming Acid by Evelina Dominitch & Dmitry Gelfland – 15th March, 5pm, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

Aki Onda – Talk and performance as part of the Arcadia series – 16th March 2014, 3pm, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

Janek Schaefer performs Lay-by-Lullaby – an eyes closed concert – 16th March 2014, 5pm, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

Julia Kent + Guests – 18th March 2014, 7pm, Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

William Basinski in conversation with Rhys Chatham – 19th March 2014, 7pm, Café Oto

Valgeir Sigurðsson with Liam Byrne + Julia Kent – 19th March 2014, 8pm Village Underground

Charlemagne Palestine + Rhys Chatham – 20th March 2014, 7:30pm St John at Hackney