Chicago’s Mike Reed Gets a Second City

Mike Reed is profiled:

Mike Reed on drums
Mike Reed on drums (Photo credit: suttonhoo)

The drum set is a collection of instruments, assembled to let one percussionist do the work of several. In that way, every drummer is a multitasker. Though he may have bloomed late as a drummer, multitasking isn’t much of a problem for Chicago’s Mike Reed. He’s co-organizer of Chicago’s autumn Umbrella Festival (where local improvisers meet European peers), runs logistics for the summer’s Pitchfork Music Festival, and helps program the Labor Day weekend Chicago Jazz Festival. And he now has his own northwest-side venue, Constellation. He even finds time to play the drums, with a broad Midwestern beat and low-to-the-ground sound, using any part of the kit (deep toms included) to throw off accents.