AMN Reviews: Ingrid Laubrock’s Anti-House – Strong Place (Intakt)

cover_208_a.inddCombine German-born Saxophonist Ingrid Laubrock with New York luminaries Mary Halvorson, Kris Davis, John Hebert, and Tom Rainey, and the result is almost guaranteed to please those with an ear for the exotic. Nonetheless, on this release, her second as a leader under the Anti-House moniker, Laubrock goes to lengths avoiding the conventional.

It is sometimes difficult to separate her charts from the group’s improv, as the two styles blend almost seamlessly. Laubrock seems to have a telepathic link with Halvorson and Davis, as the three women avoid playing on top of each other even though they mainly play at the same time. Rainey is in rare form on this release, his dexterous drumming a constant factor, fitting whatever tone is set by his bandmates.

The first track, An Unfolding, begins with Laubrock holding notes while the others contribute punchy chords and motifs. Eventually, Laubrock solos over their contributions, resulting an a fresh, spontaneous feel. From Farm Girl to Fabulous Vol. 1, on the other hand, features the caustic chaos of a Halvorson intro, followed by Davis laying down lines complemented by the rest of the group. Perhaps the most “out” piece is the title track, featuring strong bass from Hebert, and spiky disconnects throughout.

While this release isn’t blatantly experimental, Laubrock pushes her cohorts into the uncomfortable, left-of-center places in which they shine. A prime example of contemporary “New York creative jazz,” many rewarding listens will be necessary to discover its treasures.

Transmissions by RAFT/Pat Noecker with DC Ensemble This Saturday

Saturday, February 8th – Transmissions by RAFT/Pat Noecker with DC Ensemble
$12, 10pm and All Ages at Comet Ping Pong, 5037 Connecticut Avenue NW, Washington, DC 20008
(202) 364-0404

Pat Noecker aka RAFT (formerly of Liars and These Are Powers) brings his patented ASSEMBLE series to DC at Comet Ping Pong. Noecker and several other musicians will perform his ensemble piece, “Transmissions, Long Tones in A and E” in which the artists, through various sound sources, will collectively sustain the note of A for 30 minutes and the note of E for 30 minutes in an hour long piece that boils up into a haunting, transcendent and cacophonous sonic meditation. The event promises to be an immersive one, with guests encouraged to wander around the space, each experiencing a unique aural experience.

The DC Ensemble includes Amanda Kleinman, Deena OH, Doug Kallmeyer, Elise Pierre, Erick Jackson, Jasmine Chehrazi, Jerry Busher, Marian McLaughlin, Milena Aradski, Norm Veenstra, Ted Zook, and The Grey A.


Coming to the ISSUE Project Room

From New York’s ISSUE Project Room:

English: Alan Licht Français : Alan Licht
English: Alan Licht Français : Alan Licht (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Michael Snow
Alan Licht
Aki Onda trio
The trio of Michael Snow, Alan Licht and Aki Onda achieves the all-too-rare alchemy of strong separate identities and shared aesthetics into a holistic unit. Snow, who started his carreer as a jazz pianist in the 50s, performs on the CAT synthesizer and piano, with Licht on guitar and Onda on cassette recorders and electronics. Originally formed in 2005, they have since performed New York, Toronto, London, Barcelona, and Madrid, and released one album.

Chris Madak (Bee Mask)
Electronic artists Chris Madak and Fabric emerged recently from corners of the midwest to international acclaim through their auspicious, sculpted releases on Spectrum Spools. Madak AKA Bee Mask creates music rooted in rituals of listening and the convivial experience of phonographic sound in space. Fabric (Matthew Mullane) has been performing in America and Japan for the past two years, developing a new body of material that drives towards actionist concrete experiments. Solo sets from each guarantee a night of hypnotic sounds with a contrarian bent.

Marina Rosenfeld &
Mats Lindström
Recorded live last December: experimental turntablist Marina Rosenfeld and electronic composer Mats Lindström in their first-ever collaboration, part of ISSUE’s third-annual Swedish Energies festival. Rosenfeld returns to ISSUE next week, February 13th.

Coming Soon:
Ben Vida: Duets with Marina Rosenfeld

♥ Heatsick / Ned Rothenberg

Dave Bixby: “Ode to Quetzalcoatl”
& “Second Coming”

MATA Interval // Moby Dick:
Extracts on Death and Other Curiosities



January 31, 2014
Tatsuya Nakatani Gong Orchestra, JACK
Ike Ufomadu Ingrid Laubrock Jochem van Dijk Matt Chills Tons Mia Walter Mimi Lien Nick DeLuca Nikaury Rodriguez Stacey Robinson Steven Leffue Tatsuya Nakatani Wili B. Vorticez

January 31, 2014
Tatsuya Nakatani Solo, JACK
Tatsuya Nakatani

January 27, 2014
Ben Stapp & The Zozimos, Tea Lounge
Ben Stapp Brian Drye Chris Johnson David Smith Justin Wood Kenny Warren Oscar Noriega Satoshi Takeishi Stephen Haynes Tammy Scheffer Vasko Dukovski

Steven Schick Plays Stockhausen at the Miller Theater Reviewed


Iannis Xenakis
Cover of Iannis Xenakis

“Zyklus” opened the first of two solo recitals Mr. Schick gave on Thursday and Saturday at Columbia University’s Miller Theater that reflected the evolution of his art and celebrated his influence on the genre. In “Part One: Origins,” he performed 20th-century works by Morton Feldman, Helmut Lachenmann, Iannis Xenakis and others that showed how solo percussion music was tied up with a zest for experimentation and exploration since its infancy. Saturday’s “Part Two: Responses” offered a dazzling selection of more recent works, many of them using electronics, that Mr. Schick commissioned from composers including David Lang, Michael Gordon, Kaija Saariaho, Brian Ferneyhough and John Luther Adams.

Coming to Seattle

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

English: Matt Ingalls
English: Matt Ingalls (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Seattle Phonographers Union
Wed., Feb. 5, 8 PM; $5 – $15 sliding scale

The Seattle Phonographers Union is a collective of artists who improvise with unprocessed field recordings. Tonight they celebrate the release of their new LP documenting live performances in two astonishingly reverberant structures – an airplane hangar and the cooling tower of an unfinished nuclear power station.

Seattle Improvised Music Festival
Friday, Feb. 7, 8 PM; $5 – $15 sliding scale

The 29th annual Seattle Improvised Music Festival continues. Tonight: Joe Morris; Andrea Neumann/Gust Burns; Bonnie Jones/Jonathan Way/Christian Pincock/Naomi Siegel. Presented by Seattle Improvised Music and Nonsequitur.

Seattle Improvised Music Festival
Thursday, Feb. 6, 8 PM; $5 – $15 sliding scale

The 29th annual Seattle Improvised Music Festival brings visiting artists and Seattle’s finest improvisers together to share a wide range of sensibilities. Tonight: Matt Ingalls; Joe Morris/Bill Horist/Jeffrey Taylor; Matt ingalls/Paul Hoskin/Beth Fleenor/Jenny Ziefel. Presented by Seattle Improvised Music and Nonsequitur.

Seattle Improvised Music Festival
Saturday, Feb. 8, 8 PM; $5 – $15 sliding scale

The 29th annual Seattle Improvised Music Festival concludes. Tonight: Joe Morris/Jacob Zimmerman/Gust Burns; Matt Ingalls/Greg Campbell/Paul Kikuchi; Bonnie Jones/Andrea Neumann. Presented by Seattle Improvised Music and Nonsequitur.
Upcoming Events (subject to change)

THU. 2/13 – Oscilloscape, ambient electronics

SAT. 2/15 – Fisher Ensemble presents multimedia and movement-based work by Vanessa DeWolf, Vidya Guhan, Reflective Collective (Los Angeles)

FRI. 2/21 – Seattle Modern Orchestra w/ French cellist Séverine Ballon, music by Jonathan Harvey, Jérémy Jolley, Rebecca Saunders

SAT. 2/22 – Arizona-based multimedia/percussion duo Pincushioned