AMN Reviews: Heenan / Rodriguez / Frangenheim / Bymel – Berlin

Heenan Rodrigues Frangenheim Bymel: Berlin [cs238]


Recorded in April 2010 in Berlin, this set of six pieces for a mixed ensemble of strings, wind and percussion situates free improvisation firmly in a 21st century chamber setting. The ensemble, consisting of Chris Heenan (alto saxophone and contrabass clarinet), Ernesto Rodrigues (viola), Alexander Frangenheim (double bass) and Ofer Bymel (percussion) is a finely calibrated unit improvising in the vocabulary of fragmentary modernism. Variably grouped pitches organized as discrete points of sound abound, along with leaps in register and dynamics, punctuated by silences. The quartet tends to the cerebral, yet at the same time it is deeply physical in its engagement of the beauty of raw sound in a distinctly musical context. Rodrigues’ viola playing stands out by virtue of his creative use of a varied set of techniques and phrasings: Rapid bursts of notes offset by spiccato bowing, drones and stabs. Likewise Frangenheim draws on an interaction with the bass that exploits the rich span of the instrument’s range. Bymel’s percussion work is never less than astute and judiciously placed, while Heenan’s versatility on both high and low register winds complements the group’s sound with an essential array of timbres.


5049 Records Podcast: Ellery Eskelin

From 5049 Records:

Ellery Eskelin
Cover of Ellery Eskelin

Ellery Eskelin is the kind of musician who, in his personal approach to life and music, sets and example for all of us. He has been playing the saxophone for forty years and continues to reinvent and refine his relationship to it. He is a Baltimore native, the son of six night a week gigging mom, and he grew up in playing blues-based bop since the age of ten. For this conversation Ellery takes me back to Baltimore, with some great stories from childhood to his first gig in New York up until the time he locked himself in his basement for three months to develop an approach to solo saxophone.

DMG Newsletter January 31st, 2014

From DMG:

Tim Hodgkinson
Cover of Tim Hodgkinson

Greg Cohen & Bill Frisell! Michael Moore & Achim Kaufmann! Ingrid Laubrock & Tom Rainey! Vinny Golia & Urs Leimgruber! Kris Davis/John Hebert/Tom Rainey! Matt Bauder/Nate Wooley/Kris Davis..! John Hebert/Benoit Delbecq/Gerald Cleaver! Wintsch/Weber/Wolfarth!

Don Cherry Unreleased live 68/71! Michael Dessen/Chris Tordini/Dan Weiss! Polwechsel! Two from Tisziji Munoz/John Medeski/Ra-Kalam Bob Moses! Thurston Moore & John Moloney! The Kulhammar Trio!

Wolfgang Schmidtke/Steve Lacy/Alex Von Schlippenbach Orchestra! Arto Lindsay & Paal Nilsson-Love! John Lurie/Calvin Weston/Billy Martin! The Derek Bailey Tribute/Ictus Nights Ensemble + Trevor Watts/John Stevens/Derek Bailey Trio!

Sammensurium & Michael Blake! The Fonda/Stevens Group! Jack & Ben Wright! Nico Soffiato OST Qt! The Fall! Tara Jane O’Neil!

Paul Dunmall/Phillip Gibbs/Trevor Taylor! Frode Gjerstad & Luis Conte! Hilary Jeffery/Frank Paul Schubert/Dunmall/Schlippenbach! Ed Palermo Big Band Zappa Tribute! Two Rare Present Reissues! Jonas Hellborg Art Metal! David First!

Tim Hodgkinson & Bruno Maderna! Somei Satoh! Toshi Ichiyanagi! Angus Maclise! John Cage Shock Series! Assagai! Steve Miller Band Live ’68! Augustus Pablo! Lee Perry! King Tubby! Niney the Observer! Scientist! Haymarket Square!

Plus Historic Recordings from Albert Ayler! Jacqueline Thibault aka Laurence Vanay! Eliane Radigue! Charlemagne Palestine! Henri Chopin! Quicksilver Messenger Service!


The DMG Free Weekly In-Store Performance Series Continues With:

Sunday, January 26th:

Sunday, February 2nd:

Sunday, February 9th:

Sunday, February 16th:
6pm: LOUISE D.E. JENSEN & TIM DAHL – Alto Sax & Electric Bass!

Sunday, February 23rd:

All About Jazz Reviews

From All About Jazz:

Kidd Jordan
Cover of Kidd Jordan

John Hollenbeck / Alban Darche / Sébastien Boisseau / Samuel Blaser
J.A.S.S. (Yolk Records)

John Russell / Ståle Liavik Solberg
No Step (Hispid)

Kidd Jordan / Alvin Fielder /Peter Kowald
Trio and Duo in New Orleans (NoBusiness Records)

Read “Voice of Grain” reviewed by Budd Kopman TOTEM>
Voice of Grain (New Atlantis Records)

Matt Wilson Quartet + John Medeski
Gathering Call (Palmetto Records)

David Buchbinder
Walk to the Sea (Tzadik)

Daunik Lazro / Joelle Leandre
Hasparren (NoBusiness Records)

Mark Dresser
Nourishments (Clean Feed Records)

William Hooker
Heart of the Sun (Engine)

Albert Ayler track review
Lorrach, Paris 1966 (Hatology)


NYC Calendar: February 2014 From Extended Techniques

Via Extended Techniques:

Ned Rothenberg
Cover of Ned Rothenberg

WEDNESDAY, February 5
8 PM Keith Jarrett, Solo Piano Improvisations
VENUE: Carnegie Hall, Stern Auditorium / Perelman Stage
ADMISSION: $45 – $100

THURSDAY, February 6
8:00 PM Saariaho + Bach
VENUE: Miller Theatre
DETAILS: Saariaho: Frises (2011), for violin and electronics – U.S. premiere, J.S. Bach: Partita in D minor for solo violin, BWV 1004. Performers: Jennifer Koh, violin, Kaija Saariaho, composer, Jean-Baptiste Barrière (b. 1958), composer/electronics
ADMISSION: $25 – $35

SATURDAY, February 8
8:30 PM Mikko Innanen Quartet
VENUE: IBeam Brooklyn
Mikko Innanen – Alto & Baritone Saxophone
Sylvie Courvoisier – Piano
Max Johnson – Bass
Lou Grassi – Drums

TUESDAY, February 11
11PM and 1:00 AM – Rasa Rasa: Kenny Wollesen with a women choir from Lithuania
VENUE: Nublu
DETAILS: Inspired by a traditional style of Lithuanian polyphonic singing (known as sutartinės), this new group brought together various kinds of instrumentation (electric and acoustic), improvisation, poetry and a unique style of conducting. Special guest: Jonas Mekas. Event on Facebook.

TUESDAY, February 11
2:30 PM Arts on Screen – John Cage – Journeys in Sound
VENUE: The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Bruno Walter Auditorium
DETAILS: John Cage – Journeys in Sound, directed by Paul Smaczny, Allan Miller, 2012, 60 min.
Rare archival footage and concert excerpts with a series of short accounts by Cage associates.

WEDNESDAY, February 12
8 PM and 10 PM Sonic Massage w/Kenny Wollesen
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: Dalius Noujo, Jennifer Harris, Sean Francis Conway, Kenny Wollesen, Lorne Watson, Tim Kieper, William Shore, Jennifer Harris, Dixie Estes, Cassandra Burrows, Sandra Koponen (wollesonics) Andrew McIntyre (projections)
Please bring your yoga mat.

FRIDAY, February 14
8 pm Heatsick / Ned Rothenberg
VENUE: ISSUE Project Room
DETAILS: A special valentine’s day concert features Berlin-based electronic musician Steven Warwick, AKA Heatsick, and composer/performer Ned Rothenberg. Combining a palette of sources from early Chicago house mixtapes through to musique concrète and psychedelia, Heatsick proposes a live dance music that expands and unlocks the senses. Ned Rothenberg performs solo improvisations, engaging a range of wind instruments as melodic, rhythmic and harmonic engines.
More details.

SATURDAY, February 15
8 PM and 10 PM Rasa Rasa: Kenny Wollesen with women choir from Lithuania
VENUE: The Stone
DETAILS: Dalius Noujo (drums) Sean Francis Conway (conduction) Aaron Kean (bass) Kenny Wollesen (bass drum) Jonathon Haffner (sax, guitar) Giuseppe Zevola (poetry) Agota Zdanaviciute, Dorote Zdanaviciute, Zivile Rimsaite (vocals, percussion) Milda Lauzikaite (vocals, trombone) Lina Saveikyte, Kriste Krupovisovaite (vocals)

WEDNESDAY, February 19
7:30 PM the Jack Quartet plays works by Helmut Lachenmann
VENUE: The Morgan Library
DETAILS: The complete string quartets of Helmut Lachenmann, to coincide with a new recording.
Gran Torso (1972/1988)
String Quartet No. 2 “Reigen seliger Geister” (1989)
String Quartet No. 3 “Grido” (2001)
More details.

THURSDAY, February 20
8:00 PM [INTERPRETATIONS] Bruce Gremo // Joan La Barbara
VENUE: Roulette
DETAILS: Bruce Gremo performing on his electronic instrument the Cilia, an alternate wind controller based on the shakuhachi; with Hu Jianbing (sheng & bawu). Renowned composer/vocalist Joan La Barbara weaves her own unique sonic world, layering her signature vocal techniques with natural and electronic sounds, creating other-worldly dreamscapes. More details.

FRIDAY, February 21
8pm Alvin Lucier
VENUE: The Wild Project (195 East 3rd Street)
DETAILS: Alvin Lucier presents the World Premiere of a new solo vocal work, Palimpsest, to be performed by Joan La Barbara in the mold of his landmark I Am Sitting In A Room with text by Lydia Davis. More details.

TUESDAY, February 25
10:00 PM Lydia Lunch – Retrovirus
VENUE: Le Poisson Rouge
DETAILS: Lydia Lunch w/ Weasel Walter , Bob Bert , Tim Dahl
Survey of Lydia Lunch ‘schizophrenic musical legacy’ from 1977 to the present. Including music from Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, 8 Eyed Spy, Queen of Siam, 1313 and Shotgun Wedding.

Celebrating Cecil, Ornette and Sun Ra at Ars Nova Workshop

From Philly’s Ars Nova Workshop:

Sun Ra
Cover of Sun Ra

Saturday, March 8, 8pm
Still The New Thing: Cecil Taylor 85th Birthday Celebration
Bobby Zankel, alto saxophone; Dave Burrell, piano; Henry Grimes, double-bass; William Parker, double-bass; Andrew Cyrille, percussion

The Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia
$20 advance / $25 day of show

Ars Nova Workshop, the Painted Bride Art Center, and the Warriors of the Wonderful Sound are pleased to present this very special quintet in celebration of Cecil Taylor’s 85th birthday and the 56th anniversary of his historic debut at the Newport Jazz Festival. In response to, “How do you pay respect to Cecil Taylor?” The New York Times in 2013 answered its own question: “You honor Cecil Taylor by being yourself.” Five of today’s most respected improvisers will take the stage and do just that. The ensemble includes Zankel, who performed in the 1971 debut of the Cecil Taylor Big Band; bassist William Parker, a member of Taylor’s Feel Trio with Tony Oxley; pianist Dave Burrell, whose approach often employs the high-speed lyricism of Taylor; and bassist Henry Grimes and drummer Andrew Cyrille, who both appeared on the seminal Blue Note recordings, Unit Structures and Conquistador!

Friday, March 21, 8pm
Still The New Thing: Ornette Coleman 84th Birthday Celebration

The Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia
$20 advance / $25 day of show

Denardo Coleman Group: Tony Falanga, bass; Al MacDowell, bass; Denardo Coleman, drums; More, TBA
Led by the great saxophonist’s son, the Denardo Coleman Group makes its Philadelphia debut. Denardo first recorded on Ornette’s The Empty Foxhole (Blue Note, 1966) with Charlie Haden at the age of ten. The Coleman Group also includes bassists Tony Falanga and Al MacDowell, both members of Ornette’s current quartet. MacDowell, who has performed frequently with Ornette since 1976 and was a member of the Prime Time band, is a seasoned veteran of Ornette’s “harmolodic” approach.

Jamaaladeen Tacuma Band: Jamaaladeen Tacuma, electric bass; Wolfgang Puschnig, hojak + alto saxophone; Terry Adkins, tenor saxophone; Yoichi Uzeki, piano + keyboards; Charlie Ellerbee, electric guitar; Khary Abdul-Shaheed, drums; G. Calvin Weston, drums
In the mid 1970s, bassist Jamaaladeen Tacuma’s creatively free and funky approach caught the eye and ear of Ornette. He quickly became part of Coleman’s electric band, Prime Time, and performed on the historic recordings Dancing in Your Head, Body Meta, and Of Human Feelings. Tacuma’s most recent release, For the Love of Ornette revisits his exceptional work with Ornette, who also performs on the recording.

Saturday, April 19, 8pm
Celebrating Cecil, Ornette and Sun Ra

The Painted Bride Art Center, 230 Vine Street, Philadelphia
$20 advance / $25 day of show

Sun Ra Arkestra under the direction of Marshall Allen
After studying at the Paris Conservatory of Music, Allen became a pupil of Sun Ra, subsequently joining the Arkestra in 1958 and leading Sun Ra’s formidable reed section for the next 40 years. Marshall lived, rehearsed, toured and recorded with Sun Ra almost exclusively for much of Sun Ra’s musical career. As a member of the Arkestra, Allen pioneered the Free Jazz movement of the early sixties, having remarkable influence on the leading voices in the avant-garde. Marshall continues to be committed to the study, research, and development of Sun Ra’s musical precepts and has launched the Sun Ra Arkestra into a dimension beyond that of mere “ghost” band by writing fresh arrangements of Sun Ra’s music, as well as composing new music and arrangement for the Arkestra.

Bobby Zankel’s Warriors of the Wonderful Sound
Bobby Zankel, alto saxophone; Julian Pressley, alto saxophone; Mark Allen, baritone saxophone; Josh Lawrence, trumpet; Stan Slotter, trumpet; Steve Swell, trombone; John Swana, trombone; Diane Monroe, violin; Tom Lawton, piano; Anthony Tidd, bass; Craig McIver, drums; Francois Zayas, percussion
Originally from Brooklyn, Zankel studied with Cecil Taylor at the University of Wisconsin, after which he left school to continue those studies on the bandstand, following the iconoclastic pianist back to New York. Zankel became involved with the avant-garde jazz scene of the early 1970s, and has worked with many of the most significant jazz artists over the last 40 years, but his most influential work has been his over ten years of composing for his long-standing big band. The Warriors of the Wonderful Sound were first assembled in 2001 for a fledgling jazz festival and continued presenting Zankel’s heady, intricate compositions.