AMN Reviews and Interviews: January 2014

Gerry Hemingway, moers festival 2007
Gerry Hemingway

This month we published the following original interviews and reviews:

Interview with Aram Bajakian
Interview with James Saunders
Interview with Max Johnson
Interview with Gerry Hemingway
Interview with Andrew Drury

Review of Hannes Lingens – Four Pieces for Quintet
Review of Halvorson / Formanek / Fujiwara – Thumbscrew
Review of Various Artists – Digital Discoveries 3: Joyrider (Recordings from the British Music Collection)
Review of Caroline Park – RIM
Review of Noah Creshevsky – The Four Seasons
Review of Land of Marigold – s/t
Review of Eluvium – Nightmare Ending
Review of Decibel – Still and Moving Lines