AMN Reviews and Interviews: January 2014

Gerry Hemingway, moers festival 2007
Gerry Hemingway

This month we published the following original interviews and reviews:

Interview with Aram Bajakian
Interview with James Saunders
Interview with Max Johnson
Interview with Gerry Hemingway
Interview with Andrew Drury

Review of Hannes Lingens – Four Pieces for Quintet
Review of Halvorson / Formanek / Fujiwara – Thumbscrew
Review of Various Artists – Digital Discoveries 3: Joyrider (Recordings from the British Music Collection)
Review of Caroline Park – RIM
Review of Noah Creshevsky – The Four Seasons
Review of Land of Marigold – s/t
Review of Eluvium – Nightmare Ending
Review of Decibel – Still and Moving Lines

Upcoming Shows at Trinosophes

From Detroit’s Trinospheres:

jason lescalleet
Cover of jason lescalleet

Friday, Jan 31 (later): Kenneth Green, Dushun Mosley and Arnell Carmichael

For our final Avant Jazz Friday in January, Trinosophes presents a special dinner and concert by pianist Kenneth Green. Green performs on acoustic piano, rhodes electric piano and synthesizer. He co-leads The Vizitors and has performed with luminaries like Roscoe Mitchell and Leroy Jenkins.

He will be joined by Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians percussionist and Vizitors co-leader Dushun Mosley. As a long-time AACM member, Mosley has performed with many leading figures of avant garde jazz, including Don Cherry, Roscoe Mitchell, Muhal Richard Abrams and Anthony Davis. Rounding out the group is guitarist Arnell Carmichael, a new-comer to our series.

Doors and vegan-friendly dinner at 7 pm; concert at 8 pm
$10 suggested

Feb 14:

Jason Lescalleet, Steve Hauschildt (of Emeralds) with video accompaniment by Leigh Silverblatt, Ben Hall

Jason Lescalleet makes sound art that is focused on musique concrete and electronic music. Whether manipulating tape on recordings or performing live by mixing the resonant frequencies amplified from turntables with contact microphones on them, Lescalleett composes his work with an innate musicality. He has worked with Bhob Rainey, Phil Niblock and Aaron Dilloway.

Steve Hauschildt is a founding member of Ohio’s electronics group Emeralds, which won some significant acclaim for its more than 40 releases in 7 years. For this performance he is joined by Cleveland video artist Leigh Silverblatt. Detroit-based percussionist and visual artist Ben Hall rounds out the bill.

Doors at 9 pm; $5.

Coming Soon
March. 1: FRED FRITH!
March 16: Amir El Saffir
March 21-30: Artist in Residence- Robert Ostertag
March 27: Bobby Bradford with Frode Gjerstadt
March 29: Thollem McDonas and Brian Chase

Newsbits: Experimental Music and Dance in DC / Gold Sparkle Band in Chattanooga / Rowe, Patterson and Farmer in Bristol / Experimental Shows in Nashville / Ethnic Heritage Ensemble in Pittsburgh

Ethnic Heritage Ensemble
Ethnic Heritage Ensemble

Nancy Havlik’s Dance Performance Group and The Subtle Body Transmission Orchestra will premiere (the) nature (of things) likes to hide, a new work based on a score by Music Director/double bassist Daniel Barbiero on February 1, 2014 at 8pm at Josephine Butler Parks Center, 2437 15th St. NW, Washington, DC 20009 (south of Columbia Heights Metro, across from Meridian Hill-Malcolm X Park). Read more about it here.

The Shaking Ray Levi Society will present the Gold Sparkle Band, Friday, February 14, 2014, at the Barking Legs Theater, 1307 Dodds Ave., Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Keith Rowe, Lee Patterson, and Patrick Farmer will appear Wednesday 12 February 2014, in Bristol UK.

Speaking of Tennessee, an experimental music show be take place in Nashville at the East Room on Friday, January 31st. It features Age, Morgan Higby-Flowers, Subtext, and two Chattanooga artists: Secret Guilt and Segamented Worms (sic).

Also in Nashville, Metro Parks’ Free Form Friday series returns to Centennial Park on Friday, February 7th with three experimental projects on the rise. At 8 p.m. is Age, the infinite-sample-loop of Josh Gumiela and Luke Rainey. At 9 p.m. is the improvisational duo Regi Wooten and Robert Bond.

Chicago’s Ethnic Heritage Ensemble will perform on February 13 at the Thunderbird Cafe (6 pm early show). The show will feature Kahil El-Zabar – percussion & vocals, Ernest Dawkins – saxophones, and Corey Wilkes – trumpet (from Art Ensemble of Chicago).

Reggie Workman to Join Filmmaker Alan Roth for U.S. Premiere of Free Jazz Documentary

From BWWMusicWorld:

Reggie Workman
Cover of Reggie Workman

The Breath Courses Through Us (2013) is a new documentary film about the early 1960s avant-garde jazz group, the New York Art Quartet. Directed by Alan Roth, the film focuses on the group’s 35-year reunion, while reaching back through their recollections of their foundations and innovative musical ideas. The year 2014 is the 50th anniversary of this group, and a revolutionary period in jazz music, which declared its existence in the October Revolution in Jazz, in October 1964. The U.S. premiere will take place on Friday evening, January 31, 2014 at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. The world premiere of The Breath Courses Through Us took place at the FIDMarseille-Festival International de Cinéma ( in Marseille, France, in July 2013. Read more about Reggie Workman to Join Filmmaker Alan Roth for U.S. Premiere of THE BREATH COURSES THROUGH US at Library of Congress, 1/31 – BWWMusicWorld by

The Stone in February

From New York’s Stone:

Steven Bernstein
Cover of Steven Bernstein

2/1 Saturday (HM)
8 pm
Marc Ribot plays Standards
Marc Ribot (guitar)

10 pm
Marc Ribot Trio with Cooper-Moore
Marc Ribot (guitar) Henry Grimes (bass) Chad Taylor (drums) Cooper-Moore (drums)

2/2 Sunday (HM)
8 pm
John Zorn (sax) and many special guests

10 pm
Marc Ribot Plays John Zorn’s “Book of Heads” and John Cage’s “Some of the Harmony of Maine.”
Marc Ribot (guitar)
Marc Ribot Plays John Zorn’s “Book of Heads” and John Cage’s “Some of the Harmony of Maine.”

2/4 Tuesday (ICS)
8 and 10 pm
Original Compositions for Film
Paul Shapiro (sax) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Tomas Ulrich (cello) Dan Rosengard (piano) Dave Hofstra (bass) Tony Lewis (drums)

2/5 Wednesday (RJP)
8 and 10 pm
Premiere Performance of Music from New Tzadik Release!
Paul Shapiro (sax) Adam Rogers (guitar) Brad Jones (bass) Tony Lewis (drums)

2/6 Thursday (ICS)
8 and 10 pm
Midnight Minyan
Paul Shapiro (sax) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) Peter Apfelbaum (sax) Elio Villafranca (piano) Booker King (bass) Tony Lewis (drums)

2/7 Friday (SC)
8 and 10 pm
Ribs & Brisket Revue

2/8 Saturday (SV)
8 and 10 pm
Foreign Legion
Paul Shapiro (sax) Steven Bernstein (trumpet) William Brown, Tomas Doncker (guitars) Gene Perez (bass) Zachary Alford (drums)

2/9 Sunday (JA)
8 and 10 pm
Grand Jam Mashup of the week’s activities

2/11 Tuesday (KR)
8 pm
Wollesonic vs John Farris
Kenny Wollesen, Dalius Noujo (drums, percussion)
John Farris (poetry)

10 pm
Kenny Wollesen Solo
Kenny Wollesen (wollesonics)
Special Benefit set for The Stone. All proceeds go the The Stone! Twenty-five dollars (for this set only.)

2/12 Wednesday (SV)
8 and 10 pm
Sonic Massage
Dalius Noujo, Jennifer Harris, Sean Francis Conway, Kenny Wollesen, Lorne Watson, Tim Kieper, William Shore, Jennifer Harris, Dixie Estes, Cassandra Burrows, Sandra Koponen (wollesonics) Andrew McIntyre (projections)

2/13 Thursday (KR)
8 and 10 pm
Boom Boom Bombshell vs Wollesonic
Sean Francis Conway (conductor) Kenny Wollesen (drums) Kirk Knuffke, Mike Irwin, Jonathon Finlayson, Stephanie Richards (trumpet) Jessica Lurie, Samir Zarif, Darius Jones, Jonathon Haffner, Briggan Krauss, Cassandra Burrows, Ilhan Ersahin (saxes) Agota Zdanaviciute, Dorote Zdanaviciute, Zivile Rimsaite, Milda Lauzikaite, Lina Saveikyte, Kriste Krupovisovaite (vocals)

2/14 Friday (TY)
8 and 10 pm
Himalayas vs Search & Enjoy
Dalius Noujo, Daniel Jodocy (drums) William Shore (vibraphone) Kenny Wollesen (bass drum) Tim Kieper, Sandra Koponen, Lorne Watson, Dixie Estes, Jennifer Harris (percussion) Mike Irwin, Sean Francis Conway (trumpet) Jesse Harris (banjo) Tony Scherr (guitar) Aaron Kean (bass) Jonathon Haffner, Matt Cole, Wolf Dorr, Jessica Lurie, Jason Chandler, Samir Zarif, Sean Sonderegger (saxes) Giuseppe Zevola (poetry) Agota Zdanaviciute, Dorote Zdanaviciute, Zivile Rimsaite (vocals, percussion) Milda Lauzikaite (vocals and trombone) Lina Saveikyte, Kriste Krupovisovaite (vocals) plus many more!

2/15 Saturday (GCP)
8 and 10 pm
Rasa Rasa
Dalius Noujo (drums) Sean Francis Conway (conduction) Aaron Kean (bass) Kenny Wollesen (bass drum) Jonathon Haffner (sax, guitar) Giuseppe Zevola (poetry) Agota Zdanaviciute, Dorote Zdanaviciute, Zivile Rimsaite (vocals, percussion) Milda Lauzikaite (vocals, trombone) Lina Saveikyte, Kriste Krupovisovaite (vocals)

2/16 Sunday (JR)
8 and 10 pm
The Uzupisians with special guest Mike Dillion
Kenny Wollesen (vibraphone, steel pan, percussion) William Shore (vibraphone, electronics) Dalius Noujo (percussion) Mike Dillion (vibraphone, percussion, tablas)

2/18 Tuesday (RJP)
8 pm
John Medeski, Thomas Workman and Mike Rivard
John Medeski (keyboards) Thomas Workman (various instruments) Mike Rivard (bass)

2/19 Wednesday (BLG)
8 and 10 pm
Red Cred
John Medeski (keyboards) Ben Perowsky (drums) Chris Speed (reeds)

2/20 Thursday (ICS)
8 and 10 pm
John Medeski (keyboards) Billy Martin (drums) with special guests

2/21 Friday (SC)
8 and 10 pm
John Medeski (keyboards) Marc Ribot (guitar) Calvin Weston (drums)

2/22 Saturday (RK)
8 and 10 pm
Creating Silence!
John Medeski (keyboards) Tisziji Munoz (guitar) Don Pate (bass) Tony Falco (drums)

2/23 Sunday (KM)
8 and 10 pm
Dark Wave
John Medeski (keyboards) Adam Deitsch (drums) Skerik (reeds)

2/25 Tuesday (ICS)
8 pm
Ben Goldberg solo
Ben Goldberg (clarinet)

10 pm
Ben Goldberg, Sheldon Brown and Vijay Anderson
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Sheldon Brown (sax) Vijay Anderson (drums)

2/26 Wednesday (BS)
8 pm
Ben Goldberg, Stomu Takeishi and Rudy Royston
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Stomu Takeishi (bass) Rudy Royston (drums)

2/27 Thursday (ICS)
8 pm
Ben Goldberg, Greg Cohen and Ben Perowsky
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Greg Cohen (bass) Ben Perowsky (drums)

10 pm
Ben Goldberg School
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) and his sextet

2/28 Friday (HM)
8 pm
Ben Goldberg, Kris Davis and Ches Smith
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Kris Davis (piano) Ches Smith (drums)

10 pm
Ben Goldberg, Ellery Eskelin, Devin Hoff and Ches Smith
Ben Goldberg (clarinet) Ellery Eskelin (sax) Devin Hoff (bass) Ches Smith (drums)