Coming to Seattle

Stuart Dempster
Stuart Dempster

From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:

THU. 1/23, 7:30 PM – Crochets, Quaivers…and Silicon Parchment: a two-night festival of electronics, video, and interactive media in surround sound; new works by Ewa Trebacz, Robert Blatt, Joshua Parmenter, Hector Bravo Benard, Sergio Luque

FRI. 1/24, 7:30 PM – Crochets, Quaivers…and Silicon Parchment continues with new works by Ha Na Lee/Shih-Wei Lo, Josiah Boothby/Olivier Messiaen, Donald Craig, Alexis Eggertsen, Steve Escoffery, Don Craig/Eunsu Kang/Josiah Boothby

SAT. 1/25 – Nonsequitur presents Matthew Shipp (piano)/Michael Bisio (bass) duo

TUE. 1/28 – Instead Of (Torben Ulrich, Lori Goldston, Angelina Baldoz, Jaison Scott) with friends Stuart Dempster, Susie Kozawa, Kyle Hanson, Steve Peters, and dancer Beth Graczyk

FRI. 1/31 – Nonsequitur presents Florida composer/pianist Elizabeth Baker performing original works for piano and electronics + music by Pärt, Glass, Hovhaness

WED. 2/5 – Seattle Phonographers Union celebrates release of their new LP; group improvisation with unprocessed field recordings

THU. 2/6 – Seattle Improvised Music Festival: Matt Ingalls (solo clarinet); Joe Morris/Bill Horist/Jeffrey Taylor (guitars); Matt Ingalls/Paul Hoskin/Beth Fleenor/Jenny Ziefel (clarinets)

FRI. 2/7 – Seattle Improvised Music Festival: Joe Morris (solo guitar); Andrea Neumann/Gust Burns (modified autoharp/piano); Bonnie Jones/Jonathan Way/Naomi Siegel (electronics/trombone)

SAT. 2/8 – Seattle Improvised Music Festival: Joe Morris/Jacob Zimmerman/Gust Burns (guitar/alto sax/piano); Matt Ingalls/Greg Campbell/Paul Kikuchi (clarinet/percussion); Bonnie Jones/Andrea Neumann (electronics/modified autoharp)

CTM Festival for Adventurous Music and Art

Pierre Schaeffer at the Studio 54 desk adjusti...
Pierre Schaeffer

The Festival for Adventurous Music and Art takes place January 24 – February 2 in Berlin. A sampling of featured artists include:

Beatriz Ferryera[AR]
Bernard Parmegiani[FR]
Charlemagne Palestine[US]
Christian Zanési[FR]
Edgard Varèse[FR]
Eli Keszler[US]
Jim O’Rourke[US]
Mika Vainio[FI]
Moritz von Oswald Trio with Tony Allen[DE/NG]
Phill Niblock[US]
Pierre Schaeffer[FR]
Rune Lindblad[SE]
Sven-Åke Johansson[SE/DE]
Thomas Ankersmit[NL]

Every Contact Leaves a Trace Label Launch

Bang the Bore writes about the new CDr label Every Contact Leaves a Trace:

Every Contact Leaves a Trace is a new CDr label launching Monday 20th January 2014. There are four initial releases available for purchase, stream and download – a process edit of field recordings made inside 20th Century Fox’s 1965 film The Sound of Music, by Henry Collins; a reworking of concert performances by Dominic Lash and Will Montgomery; a collision of broken instruments and field recordings by Ignacio Agrimbau; and four recordings made in the field – but not of the field – by Seth Cooke.


Fred Frith and Nels Cline Create New Soundscapes

English: Fred Frith performing in Wallingford,...
Fred Frith


When the guitarists Fred Frith and Nels Cline played their first public duet on Saturday night at Subculture, it didn’t always sound like guitar music. It sounded, at times, like a sanitation truck’s trash compactor, like an orchestra tuning up, like a brawl between flocks of geese, like a creaky water pump, like a collapsing carillon and like a slowed-down train wreck.

Fifth SoundOut festival to bring something different to Canberra

Canberra, Australia hosts this year’s Fifth SoundOut Festival:

Beyond the edges of jazz, electronic and new music is a world of sound that defies easy classification. It’s a genre that pushes musical boundaries, explores the unknown and challenges our perceptions of what we understand as music. This is the rationale behind SoundOut 2014, a celebration of “free improvisational, free jazz and experimental music“, which begins at Theatre 3 on January 23.