Newsbits: Morricone / Otomo / Taylor / Red Light New Music

Ennio Morricone
Cover of Ennio Morricone

Ennio Morricone will be appearing in LA and New York.

A recently Yoshihide Otomo television performance is reviewed.

Cecil Taylor will perform a free concert in San Diego this March.

Red Light New Music has a Kickstarter project set up to fund recording of an album of modern classical recordings featuring composers Chris Cerrone, Ted Hearne, Vincent Raikhel, Liam Robinson, and Scott Wollschleger.

REDCAT Winter / Spring 2014 Season

Harry Partch (c. 1969), from the cover of The ...
Harry Partch




A More Convenient Season
Saturday, January 25 – Sunday, January 26, 2014
Internationally acclaimed composer Yotam Haber’s soaring, impassioned three-movement work for orchestra, chorus, four soloists, electronic sound and video commemorates watershed events of the Civil Rights Movement.

Chase/Colpitts/Krieger: Percussion, Justly Tuned
Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Brian Chase, John Colpitts and Ulrich Krieger—three innovators working the edges of rock and experimental composition—stir up pulsating soundscapes, at once intense and meditative, in a three-part program focused on just-intonation percussion instruments.

Reinier van Houdt
Friday, March 21, 2014
A pianist of astonishing technique, the Dutch musical daredevil plays the points where interpretation touches improvisation in this terrifically absorbing program of works by Fluxus-affiliated legend Walter Marchetti, Luc Ferrari, and the eccentric Texas genius Jerry Hunt.

Vinny Golia Large Ensemble
Wednesday, April 9, 2014
With only a fraction of their huge repertoire performed live more than once, each concert by the Large Ensemble is a can’t-miss occasion. The west coast powerhouse orchestra performs founder and L.A. composer Vinny Golia’s contemporary chamber music with crackerjack improvisation.

Anne LeBaron: Portrait Concerts
Saturday, April 12 – Sunday, April 13, 2014
One of the most intriguing talents in American postmodern composition surveys four decades of adventurous musicmaking augmented by electronics and video, and a sneak preview of Psyche & Delia, LeBaron’s seventh opera probing the cultural resonances of LSD.

Mark Trayle: Many signals all at once
Friday, April 25, 2014
An early pioneer of laptop performance—creating work written for networked chamber ensembles and re-engineered consumer products—composer and media artist Mark Trayle is joined by Casey Anderson and Scott Cazan in a program of new multichannel pieces for mixed instrumental and electronic ensembles.

Partch: BOO Intrusions
Friday, June 6 – Saturday, June 7, 2014
Augmenting its already dazzling array of custom-built microtonal instruments, the Grammy-nominated ensemble devoted to the music of American creative iconoclast Harry Partch returns to REDCAT with a brand-new “BOO”—a justly tuned bamboo marimba.


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Free Jazz Blog Reviews

Paal Nilssen-Love
Cover of Paal Nilssen-Love


From Free Jazz:


Postmarks – National Parks (Monotype, 2013) ****
John Hebert Trio – Floodstage (Clean Feed, 2013) *****
Angelica Sanchez & Wadada Leo Smith – Twine Forest (Clean Feed, 2013) *****
Mumuu – Mitt Ferieparadis (Va Fongool, 2013) ***½
Christian Winther & Christian Meaas Svendsen – M-W (Va Fongool, 2013) ***½
As Deafness Increases (Va Fongool, 2013) ***½
Lana trio (Va Fongool, 2013) ****
HeadJive – Bad Habits (Brakophonic Records, 2013) ****
Bobby Bradford, Frode Gjerstad and Paal Nilssen-Love – Dragon (PNL, 2012) ****


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