RIP Amiri Baraka

Amiri Baraka
Amiri Baraka (Photo credit: opacity)


While Amiri Baraka was known as a poet, he also was a huge supporter of left-of-center jazz musicians, and his recent passing was lamented by dozens of the same. The New York Daily News explains:


The thing he undoubtedly was in that book was a staunch supporter of free jazz players, in that world something equally and literally as revolutionary as his Black Nationalist rhetoric. He was perhaps Albert Ayler’s only champion while Ayler was alive (something bittersweet now, in a time when such a lauded player as guitarist Marc Ribot carries a bright torch for the sax great and often plays with Ayler bassist Henry Grimes in Spiritual Unity). Baraka’s list now sounds like an all-star team of titans. Cecil Taylor. Pharoah Sanders. Ornette Coleman. And on.


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