Taran’s Free Jazz Hour Podcast 31/2013

English: Pierre Borel, Jazz saxophonist; Pictu...
Pierre Borel, 


From Taran’s Free Jazz Hour:


Between the Lines
Itinéraire Bis: Double Trio DE Clarinettes

James Hall
Soon We Will Not Be Here: James Hall, Tbn, Comp/ Matthew Vitti, Baritone Vocals, Evan Mazunik, P/ Ronen Itzik, Dr

the Impossible
the Impossible: Tony Irving, Dr/ Mitch Green, B/ Sam O’brien, as

Twine Forest: Angelica Sanchez, P/ Leo Smith, Tp

the Lives of Many Others: Kaja Draksler, P

the Braxtonnette Project: Pierre Borel, as/ Louis Laurain, Tp/ Antonio Borghini, B/ Tobias Backhaus, Dr

[Ro]: Hannes Lingen, Dr/ Hannes Buder, G

Descriptions: Matthias Shubert, Ts/ Simon Nabatov, P

the Enchanted 3: Vlady Bystrov, Reeds, Cl/ Anne-liis Poll, Vo, Elec/ Anto Pett, P

Blazing Flame Plays High Mountain Top: Steve Day, Vo + Many Others

Circum | Libra
Tornado: Christian Pruvost/ Atsuki Tamura/ Satoko Fujii/ Peter Orins

Ears on Socks off: Her Majesty’s Ship with Fred Lonberg-holm