The Spectrum in January

From New York’s Spectrum:

Spectrum Listings for January 2014

New York, NY

Saturday 4 January
7:30 PM: Natti Vogel

Sunday 5 January
3 PM: Helena Basilova, Piano

Sunday 5 January
7 PM
New Series: Soundscapes
Violinist Cornelius Dufallo and bassist Patrick Derivaz introduce their new series of ambient music.

Friday 10 January

7:30 PM Miolina: Mioi Takeda & Lynn Bechtold, violins
Works by Eve Beglarian, Milica Paranosic, Isang Yun and Lynn Bechtold, among others.

Friday 10 January
9 PM
Ramin Arjomand: Reinterpretations.

Saturday 11 January
7 PM Kivie Cahn-Lipman, Cello: Bach Suites Album-Release Party

Saturday 11 January
9 PM
Dawoud Kringle & Renegade Sufi

Sunday 12 January
5 PM
Seth Gilman Presents Early-Late: New Vintage Baroque

Sunday 12 January
7 PM
Jorn Swart, piano: Album release of “A Day in the Life of Boriz”

Monday 13 January
7:30 PM
Tongues In Trees with Grey McMurray, Sunny Jain and Samita Sinha

Tuesday 14 January
7 PM Sophie Demeer (vox) & Dominic Duval (bass) ensemble

Tuesday 14 January
9 PM Jazz: Curated by Chris Pitsiokos

Wednesday 15 January
7 PM
EZUFF-PP#3 = The “3rd Elvis Zapp Urban Film Festival Projection Project” is a

Thursday 16 January
7:30 PM
Chamber Music America event/party: Susman, Pollick, Spaneas and Kwon.

Friday 17 January
9 PM: Gregor Huebner, amplified violin

Saturday 18 January
7:30 PM Opening act
8:45 PM Florent Ghys, bass
9:45 PM ensemble, et al.

Sunday 19 January: Triple bill with Ariel Artists
7 PM
Francesca Anderegg (Minnesota), violin
Canciones Populares – Ravel, Gershwin, de Falla, Bartók
Contemporary Voices of Latin America – Revueltas, Nobre, Davidovsky, Lavista, Moya
Spatial Reasoning – Adams, Takemitsu, Saariaho, Kyriakides, Francis
UnStrung – Francis, Hertzberg, Norman, Needham, Shields, Moya

8 PM
Akropolis (Ann Arbor), reed quintet
Akropolis Unraveled – Dooley, Turbin, Zare, Namir, McCarthy, Bark, Doest
Under the Influence – Garrett Schumann, McCarthy, Peres, Gershwin, Ives, Namir, Ellington
Musical Snapshots – Debussy, Turbin, Tongur, Bark, Doest

9 PM
Friction Quartet (San Francisco), string quartet
Temptation and Addiction – Randall-Myers, Berg, Janáček
Eco Chamber – DeLuca, Smith, Stoffregen, Vasks
Beyond Minimalism – Beethoven, Glass, Adams
Unmanned – Dicke, Reich, Crumb, Shostakovich

Tuesday 21 January
9 PM
Kevin Norton‘s Breakfast of Champignon(s)

Wednesday 22 January
7 PM
Elissa Cassini presents: Contemporary Brazilian Music

Thursday 23 January
7:30 PM
Tenth Intervention presents Subversion: Music about conflicts, politics, and war

Sunday 26 January
3 PM
Augustus Arnone, piano: Music by Finnissy

Sunday 26 January
7 PM
Composer / pianist Kathy Tagg presents the first event in her monthly series

Monday 27 January
8:15 PM
Esther Noh & Melissa Tong, violins

Tuesday 28 January
9 PM: Jazz Pianism: Trio tribute to Michel Petrucciani

Wednesday 29 January
7:30 PM Ambient-Chaos

Friday 31 January
8:45 PM SoSaLa
Sohrab Saadat Ladjevardi on saxophones and vocals, Greg Zweiben on electric bass, Kaveh Haghtalab on kemancheh (Persian bowed string instrument) and drums plus guest.