Mary Halvorson Interview

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From BOMB Magazine:


I had never heard of Mary Halvorson when, listening to the radio one day in my studio, her guitar-playing first announced itself to me. I was immediately struck by a sound that was raw and inventive in a way that bypassed all expectations of how “jazz” guitar should be played. There was a component of friction involved, almost as if the “song” were at odds with being played. Not sure if this was someone from an exploratory rock type background, or an accomplished jazz guitarist utterly determined to avoid playing in an accepted idiom, I was totally engaged. This was the sort of jagged, unsettled, fearless, hybrid sound I look forward to hearing in any music.


Oakland Active Music Festival in February

From the Active Music Festival:

Active Music Festival in Oakland, California, February 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2014.

We are pleased to announce the Active Music Festival (AMF), a three night festival of Creative Music in downtown Oakland on February 20th, 21st and 22nd, 2014 featuring the Oakland Active Orchestra, OrkestROVA, Moe! Staiano and Ensemble, Ben Tinker’s “As the Clock Struck Twelve” with Pink Gaze and the Heroic Quartet, Live Cinema with Lisa Mezzacappa & Konrad Steiner, Black Spirituals, Horaflora, Key West, and Beauty School.

The AMF is dedicated to highlighting the work of artists that embrace experimentalism, are informed by traditions, and use their talent to conceptualize and practice Creative Music. The artists that fall under this spectrum take risks with their art, are not limited to genres, and have an inherent desire to create music that is uncompromising. There is almost always a strong component of improvisation; interweaving elements of noise, minimalism, rock, jazz, drone, chamber music, and other abstractions. Creative music is best supported by creative listeners who are still searching for new sounds that reflect the ongoing evolution of our culture.

Active Music Festival Schedule

Active Music Festival Night 1: Thursday, February 20th 9:00pm @ the Uptown
Oakland Active Orchestra
Benjamin Tinker’s “As the Clock Struck Twelve” featuring Pink Gaze & The Heroic Quartet.

Active Music Festival Night 2: Friday, February 21st 9:00pm @ the Uptown
Live Cinema with Lisa Mezzacappa (music) & Konrad Steiner (film)
Beauty School
Key West

Active Music Festival Night 3: Saturday, February 22nd 9:30pm @ Duende
Moe! Staiano and Ensemble
Black Spirituals
+other TBA

The Uptown Nightclub
1928 Telegraph Avenue
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 451-8100

468 19th Street
Oakland, CA 94612
(510) 893-0174


AMN Reviews: Swefn – Varieties of Anomalous Experience (Hairdryer Excommunication)

An office drone´s Distintegration Loops, five tracks of experimental electronica in which Cardiffian Ian Watson makes the sound of discombobulation accessible. Named after an anthology on the psychological study of the effect of near-death experiences, lucid dreams, alien abductions and sundry extrasensory phenomena, it sounds like many machines going out of order in a reasonably orderly fashion. Noise music indeed, the final hoorah of our non-digital fleet, but Watson as Swefn (Old English for “sleep” or “dream”) manages to make the mind´s discordance palpable as well as eminently palatable.

Monsieur Délire Reviews

From Monsieur Délire:

KOJI ASANO / Bingo Tower (Solstice)
ANTHONY BRAXTON / Solo (NYC) 2002 (New Braxton House)
TETUZI AKIYAMA & JEFF GBUREK / Respect (Spectropol Records)
VIV CORRINGHAM / Walking (Innova)
SALMO / Salmo (Salmo)
SARAH NEUFELD / Hero Brother (Constellation)
COLIN STETSON / New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light (Constellation)