Jazz Right Now’s Best Live Creative Music of 2013

From Jazz Right Now:

Despite being urged by several musicians in the community to put together a best of 2013 list, I initially resisted doing so for two reasons. I set out for Jazz Right Now to be supportive of the community as a whole, to highlight the work of an entire generation (or two) of musicians who are emerging or who have recently become established, rather than promote a few individuals. This website is also the sole product of one person–me–unlike many other collaborative sites. I cannot possibly attend all of the concerts that I want to see, and there are even a few significant albums released this year that I have not yet tracked down. That said, I would like to offer my thoughts and observations of a year in review, a musical memoir so to speak. Rather than to be read as “this is good” and “that is bad”, I have organized my thoughts here around live music this year that compelled me to think and listen differently.