Horace Silver is Alive

Yesterday we erroneously reported that Horace Silver had passed away. However, according to NPR who spoke with his son, Mr. Silver is alive and well.

When we hear of breaking news, such as the passing of a legendary musician, we try to vet the news with at least 2-3 independent sources before repeating it on these pages. And that’s what we did yesterday – at least that’s what we thought we did. In retrospect, it appears as if some of the sites that we thought were independent had actually sourced their news from one another in some fashion. Not to mention that the social media was buzzing with the false news of Mr. Silver’s passing.

Regardless, I take full responsibility for Avant Music News’ role in perpetuating this mistake, apologize to Mr. Silver, his family, and his fans, and vow to more carefully investigate stories like this in the future before posting them.


3 thoughts on “Horace Silver is Alive

  1. All good, and delighted he’s still around.

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