5049 Records Podcast: William Parker

William Parker

From 5049 Records:

William Parker is a virtuosic bass player, a lifelong New Yorker, a historian, an improviser, an intrepid world traveler, a thinker & philosopher, a community organizer, a husband & father and a damn fine human being. I feel honored beyond words to share this conversation that took place on a cool crisp morning in late October in which we cover a LOT of ground. William has led a life dedicated to creativity, expression and growth and in this conversation he shares a wealth of knowledge and wisdom.

AMN Picks of the Week: John Zorn / Braveheart / Secret Pyramid / Third Coast Percussion / RCFL

John Zorn (cropped version)

Here is where I post, at a frequency of about once a week, a list of the new music that has caught my attention that week. All of the releases listed below I’ve heard for the first time this week and come recommended.

John Zorn – On the Torment of Saints, the Casting of Spells and the Evocation of Spirits (2013)
Braveheart – Motions (2013)
Secret Pyramid – Movements of Night (2013)
Third Coast Percussion – Resounding Earth (2013)
RCFL – Nomina Nuda Tenemus (2013)

Coming to the Vortex Jazz Club

British saxophonist Evan Parker

From London’s Vortex:

SUN 15 • 20.00 • £8 • MD

Mopomoso’s end of year improvisorama has become a focal point for musicians to play in a series of short sets; to meet old friends and to make new ones. Audiences will get a chance to experience a wide range of music from a formidable line-up of players, including: Ross Lambert, Kay Grant, Charlie Collins, Beatrix Ward-Fernandez, Rachel Musson, Daniel Thompson, Benedict Taylor, Dave Tucker, Maggie Nicols, Matt Hutchinson, Harry Gilonis, Anthony Donovan, Matt Chilton, Seth Bennet, Alice Eldridge and John Russell.

TUE 17 • 20.00 • £11

The Ivo Neame Quintet features some of the most unique and creative musicians working in the UK, with Ivo leading on sax and piano, Jasper Hoiby on bass, Jim Hart on vibes, Tori Freestone on sax/flute and Dave Hamblett on drums. Their ability to improvise with subtlety and reckless abandon in equal measure results in music that is fresh, uncompromising and brimming with energy.

WED 18• 20.00 • £8
A semi-improvised production brought to you by Pop-Up Circus and Chaos Collective

X Marks the Spot includes: an animated set created in real time by Pop-Up Circus artists; sketches written by Chris O’Shea and Joe Murgatroyd; and a soundtrack featuring the Pop-Up Circus Xmas Big Band and fantastic improvising musicians Mark Sanders (drums), Lauren Kinsella (voice), Elliot Galvin (piano), Nick Malcolm (trumpet), Raph Clarkson (trombone), Tom McCredie (double bass) and Simon Roth (drums).

THU 19 + FRI 20 • 20.00 • £15 / £25 (2-night pass)

Alex Von Schlippenbach’s Trio with Evan Parker and Paul Lovens brings together three of the godfathers of European free jazz. They’ve incredibly maintained momentum, integrity and a staggering level of consistency in over 40 years of playing together.