Coming to Seattle

English: Seattle composer and educator Neal Ko...


From Seattle’s Wayward Music Series:


THU. 12/12 – Triptet is a meeting of minds and spontaneous electrical impulses between Michael Monhart (saxophone, electronics), Tom Baker (fretless guitar, theremin, electronics), and Greg Campbell (percussion, french horn, electronics)

FRI. 12/13 – Yesod creates rich, living soundscapes best described as a blend of world, blues, jazz and ambient music styles.

SAT. 12/14 – Composer/pianist Neal Kosaly-Meyer performs a new installment of his composition-in-perpetual progress, Gradus: for Fux, Tesla, and Milo the Wrestler.

THU. 12/19 – Christian Pincock

FRI. 12/20 – Noisegasm + Distorrent

SAT. 12/21 – Phil Kline‘s Unsilent Night

SAT. 12/28 – Vanessa Skantze