Arraymusic in December

From Toronto’s Arraymusic:

Array Session #20
Thursday Dec. 5, 2013 @8 pm
The Array Space, 155 Walnut Street. second floor, M6J 3W3

An evening of improvisation by some of Toronto’s finest musicians along with their friends and guests from out-of-town heralds a return to the Columbia U Radio jams or the great tradition of CCMC Music Gallery evenings.

This week’s lineup:
Branko Dzinovic – accordion
Dimitar Pentchev – piano
Nate Robertson – tribal/ambient
Rick Sacks – percussion

The Array Songbook; A Fundraiser
Sunday, Dec. 15, 3pm
Array Space 155 Walnut Ave
Toronto, On, M6J 3W3

Allen Cole’s music has been a big part of Array since the world premiere of his musical The Worng Son at the Natioanal Arts Centre in Ottawa in the Fall of 2008. Since then Allen has written another musical mixing contemporary compositional practices and a brilliant ear for melody and orchestration. Songs by Allen Cole, Rick Sacks, Linda Catlin Smith, Kurt Weill and more.

James Tenney – The Signal Itself
Friday, Dec. 6, 8pm
pre-concert talk at 7:15
The Array Space
155 Walnut Avenue
Toronto, On, M6J 3W3
“…what I want to be understood is just the message itself, the signal itself. It’s not about something else. It’s simply the basis for an experience.” – from an interview with James Tenney by Ciarán Maher, MusicWorks Issue 77 (2000)